Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Virtualization For Your website

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Virtualization For Your website 1

Virtualization is a new concept in the world of web hosting. Users have come across terms such as virtual servers or virtual machines but there still isn’t much clarity on the subject. Virtual simply means replacing physical servers or machines. Let us shed more light on the subject and gain a better understanding of the concept of virtualization. 

As mentioned above virtualization is creating a virtual replacement of the physical machine or server. Virtualization can be used to replace both software as well as hardware. 

Let us take for an example partitioning a hard drive, as you know it is not something that cannot be done physically. Virtual partitions are created in a hard drive to divide its memory and that is how the concept of virtualization works.

Now let us try to understand the concept of virtualization in terms of a server. Virtualization can also be used to create partitions in a server without making any changes in the physical server. In case you need multiple partitions then the hosting company can also provide you with a pre-partitioned server, which is also referred to as Virtual Private Server or VPS hosting. 

What is Server Virtualization?

A physical server can be divided into multiple virtual servers using the Hypervisor software. The reason behind creating such virtual partitions is so that the users can utilize the server capacity to its maximum potential. Such partitioned servers are also commonly referred to as or known as virtual servers. Each of these servers acts as one and at the same time have its own separately dedicated resources giving users complete control over these partitioned servers. 

What are the Advantages of Server Virtualization? 

Virtual servers are highly recommended for small businesses that are expecting rapid growth and huge traffic on their websites in the near future. Let us learn more about some of these major benefits of virtualization:

  • Data backup and data protection are highly reliable and efficient in the case of virtual servers.
  • It allows maximum utilization of resources for each server while they share the same physical server.
  • Virtual servers act like dedicated servers and function separately. So therefore users get the benefits of a dedicated server even though they are actually using one physical server. So it also helps you save money as you no longer need to spend on a dedicated server. 
  • Virtual servers take a few minutes to install in comparison to an actual physical server. This helps in saving a lot of valuable time and effort on behalf of the user. 

Virtual Private Server is the best example of virtualization. Virtual privates server gives you all the benefits of virtualization such as provisioning, instant server, full root access as well an integrated cPanel for website management.

In this article, we have discussed the process and the features of virtualization in great depth and hopefully, this will help you in making your decision in case you are considering Virtualization. If you are looking for any further assistance regarding web hosting solutions, do get in touch with our experts at Ewebguru, we will be more then glad to assist you.

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