Is A Dedicated Server The Right Solution For My Hosting Needs?

There are several hosting services provided by hosting service providers to satisfy your business needs. But you have to convey your needs and fix up your mind with perfect online business goals so that you receive appropriate hosting service. Though start-ups may not require a dedicated server during their initial stage of business, when it grows, you should take a wise decision, to prevent your websites from potential threats and keep it safe and secure, by opting for a dedicated server. 

Dedicated server hosting

To make the point clear, there are quite a few reasons that explain why a dedicated server becomes the right solution for your hosting needs and we are here listed those for your reference. 

Reasons That Highlights Why You Should Choose Dedicated Server

#1: High-quality performance

Dedicated servers help you in maximizing your website’s uptime by creating a secured pathway and isolated platform. It results in faster performance of your website ensuring no/minimal bounce rate from viewers. Mainly, it helps in increasing the SEO page ranking of your website through organic searches.

#2: Security

Due to being a dedicated server, you get all resources dedicatedly and you will not have to worry about hackers hacking your website information or viruses or malware affecting it. The complete C-Panel access provides you the option to set authentication levels within an organization.

#3: Scalability

In a dedicated server, you will be the owner of accessing all required resources for your business, and depending on your IT needs, you can scale up and down the resources and create multiple individual servers within. With this, you can forecast your future business needs and the required resources as well.

#4: Quick customization

Irrespective of your business type and needs, a dedicated server gives you the flexibility to manage and monitor your resources and workload effectively and ensures it supports the growth of an organization.

#5: Flexibility

Any time you can revamp or restructure your server configuration as per the business need and make your workplace reliable and flexible. You can install any software at first and later if you want to uninstall that software and install several other applications, a dedicated server gives you that much webspace to implement everything.

#6: Separate IP address

The biggest advantage of having a dedicated server is you get a unique IP address, which cannot be known by hackers, and no more sharing of IP addresses with other website holders. Moreover, under the same IP address, you can host multiple websites.

#7: Reliable bandwidth

A dedicated server provides reliable bandwidth that allows users to experience a great interface of using your website. It ensures that all applications, software, etc. attached to your website are not hit due to downtime and lets them run smoothly.

#8: Value for money

Dedicated servers are never the cheapest option when compared to other types of hosting services. But it is worth the money you invest in it. If not now, at least when your business grows, you will have to opt for a dedicated server by default.

Pick Reliable Host Provider For Availing Better Hosting Experience

However, picking the right host provider is vital when it comes to experiencing all those benefits of a dedicated server. In the developing countries like India picking reliable hosting service provider is a daunting task because you can find numerous vendors both in online as well as offline. 

To pick the trustworthy hosting service provider, you need to do little research and should seek references from an experienced person along with the expert’s guidance. With respect to dedicated server hosting, there are many service providers in existence. But choosing the right one is the toughest task. 

eWebGuru is one of the best-dedicated server hosting providers, who offer high-quality servers in much better competitive pricing. The best part with eWebGuru is excellent customer support, which you may not get the best with other hosting service providers.


Always prefer the one which helps uplift your business at initial stages and then upgrade your server to a dedicated server slowly but without fail. Reach out to us for more advice on servers. I Hope, our list along with expert’s review might help you in picking the right hosting for your website. 

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What does an affiliate marketer do for affiliate marketing?

Well, you might hear about this phrase in so many ads “Make Money While You Sleep!” – This is how affiliate marketing gets propaganda by business owners. To be frank, it can be possible if you follow the expert’s guidance and certain procedures perfectly. However, before getting into the affiliate marketing industry and to become a successful affiliate marketer you should be aware of the certain factors which are discussed below.

Affiliate marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

You may find a lot of definitions online while searching for the exact meaning of affiliate marketing. In fact, it is one of the marketing tactics followed by the business owners to promote their business sales and to reach their business products to the target audience.

In simple words, affiliate marketing can be referred to as a channel where individual people can connect or partner with the companies or businesses by promoting the business products on their platform. Meanwhile, affiliate marketing allows individuals to earn some handsome amount through sales commission.

Yes! You heard it right, individuals can earn a significant amount of cash by the business owners for every sale happen on the individuals or affiliates platform by through their affiliate links.

What Successful Affiliate Marketers Do?

If you want to be successful in the affiliate marketing industry, then you should follow the below-listed steps. Many successful affiliate markers do this and gained a notable growth on their marketing field.

  • Think and decide on a platform where you going to do affiliate marketing
  • Choose a niche on which you are familiar with doing affiliate marketing
  • Find reliable and trustworthy affiliate programs and join
  • Create great and attractive content which are useful for your audience and drive their attention
  • Do proper homework and drive potential traffic by reaching your site to the target audiences
  • Get clicks on your affiliate links from your site visitors
  • That’s it now convert all those received clicks to sales and receive a commission for every sale you create through your affiliate links

This is how affiliate marketers do for making money through the affiliate program. Also, you can follow the expert’s advice of using a different platform for promoting your affiliate links instead of depending upon the single platform.

How Affiliate Marketers Get Paid?

Here are the few ways by which affiliates paid by contributing to the seller’s sales through their affiliate links.

  • Pay Per Sale
  • Pay Per Lead
  • Pay Per Click

Why You Should Become an Affiliate Marketer?

  • While being at your regular job, you can get passive income by involving with the affiliate marketing business.
  • Unlike regular business models, you don’t need to worry about offering customer support or to worry about customer satisfaction on doing affiliate marketing. Your job is to link the audience with the seller.
  • Doing affiliate marketing is cost-effective and you don’t need to have an office environment. In fact, you can work right from your home.

Tips To Become a Successful Affiliate Marketer

To become a successful affiliate marketer you need to follow the steps which are mentioned below. These are the secret mantra for the individuals who are literally known as the affiliates or partners to a brand which conduct affiliate program.

  1. As an initial step, you need to check and review the product which you are going to promote through an affiliate program. Well, checking and reviewing the products can be done by using various social media channels like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Blogs and so.
  2. Next, you need to do collect useful and informative messages about the affiliating product and list those on your messages or emails. By doing you can make such emails and messages as the interfacing medium between you and your target audience. Remember, you should never hope as the audience will see your content for sure, just keep doing the best you can.
  3. Make use of the webinars and online courses conducted on your affiliating product, by doing so you can collect useful information about your product and share it with your target audience. Also, webinars conducted by the brands will make you gather awesome offer details over your product by sharing such detail with your target audience you can witness some significant growth on your affiliate sales.
  4. Finally, if you facing some profits through your affiliate links. You can start promoting your affiliate link or marketing by through pay per click programs by investing a small amount on it. This wills surely scale your business development to the next level.


Affiliate marketing is the ideal solution for those who looking to earn some handsome passive income. By following those suggestions and the practices done by the affiliate marketers which are mentioned above you can be a successful marketer.

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How much money can you make using affiliate marketing?

If you are a newbie to the affiliate marketing then these questions would fully occupy your mind “Is it possible to earn money through affiliate marketing?” “How much money I can make through affiliate marketing?”

Affiliate marketing is the place where you can make money in a quick and inexpensive mode without any hassles. Affiliate marketers are paid for linking consumers with the seller, however, the way of linking consumers with the sellers gets differs according to the affiliate programs.

Just like that, you need to engage with trustworthy and reliable affiliate programs in order to earn money through it. At the same time, you need to be aware that earning through an affiliate program is truly viable and variable according to your dedication and commitment.

Affiliate marketing

Truth About Making Money in Affiliate marketing

  • You no need to create a product or service to earn
  • You can work at any time, anywhere according to your comfort.
  • Your passive income through affiliate marketing purely depends upon how you market your affiliate products effectively.
  • Generating income through affiliate programs will take a significant amount of time and traffic to your affiliate content.

Common Affiliate Marketing Channels 

If you are really want to earn some money by doing affiliate marketing, then you should be aware of these popular channels by which affiliate marketers earning over the years.

  1. Targeting Individual Influencers
  2. Creating a Blog and start blogging on your affiliate product
  3. Develop and monetize micro-site on your affiliate product niche and reach it among your target global audience
  4. Engaging with the email marketing tactics by collecting a potential email list
  5. Pick the large media websites and start to promote your contextual affiliate link by placing ads or content on it.

Well, the above-mentioned marketing channels are the most commonly used medium by the affiliate marketers to engage with their target audience. It is not mandatory for you to follow the same channels to become a successful marketer; you can do it on your own way to reach your target audience.

Earning Brackets In The Affiliate marketing Industry

Here are the few predictions you can earn through different types of affiliates around the world. Here all those predictions on pointing the profits not the revenues of the affiliates, because in affiliate marketing mostly you are supposed to invest your time for making money.

  • Low-Level Affiliates – Affiliates who earn pockets of profit by doing affiliates on the web without considering the sales amount and involving in any campaigns. In such a case scenario, affiliates may earn anywhere from $0 to $300 per day.
  • Intermediate Level Affiliates – Affiliates who earn handsome profits on doing affiliates by focusing on a high volume of web traffic. In most cases, intermediate level affiliates often engage with high competition. In such a case scenario, affiliates may earn anywhere from $300 to $3,000 per day.
  • High-Level Affiliates – Affiliates focuses on a huge scale option on their affiliate program. Here affiliates considering engaging with the mass marketing tactics and concentrate more on direct purchase and to increase sales margins by better ratio now and then. In such a case scenario, affiliates may earn above $3,000 per day for sure.

Apart from the above mentioned 3 types, affiliates can do involve in marketing business by stepping into apprentice affiliates program and by doing the ‘Bag of Dicks’ Affiliate program. Where the apprentice affiliates can be all the above-mentioned affiliate marketing types as they like and it’s truly on his determination.

Meanwhile, people who are pretty focused on their earning and does affiliate marketing by fixing target income comes under this category of “Bag of Dicks Affiliate” depending upon their income they dedicatedly commit their time and energy.   

Affiliate marketing Strategies For 2020

  1. Select only recommend the products which you are extremely familiar with as your affiliate program.
  2. Always prefer to promote products on a different platform instead of depending on one.
  3. Do check and optimize your conversion rates.
  4. Focus on improving your affiliate traffic sources by doing desire research.

Top Affiliate Marketing Trends of 2020

  • Affiliate reporting and attribution are improved in affiliate programs.
  • Influencer niches are becoming hyper-targeted by the affiliates in modern days.
  • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is changing on how personal data is collected during the affiliate marketing procedure.
  • Affiliate marketers are getting smarter and they leveraging their status innovatively to receive higher commission per sale and better deals from the advisors.


Affiliate marketing can be the perfect and elegant straightforward medium for people to earn a handsome amount as their passive income; however, it is essential to engage with the right program to ensure getting high profits. Based on the recent stats it is clearly identified as engaging with the affiliate program offered by the BigCommerce will results in better in terms of making more profits.

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What is affiliate marketing? Who provides the best affiliate program in India?

Affiliate marketing is a performance- and commission-based program by selling your own products on e-commerce websites or promoting other products you like or that has more demand among consumers, either through an affiliate marketer or by becoming an independent affiliate marketer.

Affiliate marketing

What is Affiliate marketing in simple steps?

Affiliate marketing is a chain reaction entitled among four different parties such as the merchant, the network, the publisher and the customer/consumer. Let us see how these four factors are put in the loop together.

The merchant: In this case, if you are the product owner, then you are the merchant, and you will approach several affiliate marketers on top and enter into a business relationship with them to sell all your products by fixing a marginal price. Once your product is sold, a certain percentage from the selling price goes to the affiliate marketer, as given in the contract agreement, and you will receive the rest of the profit.

Here, the affiliate marketer becomes a publisher of your product and enroll for promoting the product on their website that creates awareness among consumers about your product.

At the same time, you can copy your product link from the affiliate marketer’s website and publish it in any of the blog websites that you are entitled to or possess something like that.

1.   The Consumer: 

Consumers or customers play an important role in affiliate marketing because they are the reason for sales and without sales, there is no affiliate commission going to the respective promoter or publisher. In some cases, the merchant lets the customer know that the product is enrolled in affiliate marketing and be transparent with whatever the procedure is. But it does not happen to be the same with all products of all merchants. 

Though there are no hidden charges that will be levied on consumers when the merchant is enrolled in affiliate marketing, still it is suggested not to disclose such things to the product buyers.

2.   The Network: 

This is the payment communication channel between the merchant and the affiliate marketer. The affiliate marketer will have a separate payment channel to manage and maintain commission pay-outs with the merchant. This could be a third-party app as well but it depends on how reliable it is during transactions. This is very important because an affiliate marketer might be in affiliation with multiple merchants and everyday tracking of pay-outs is always required.

3.   The Affiliate: 

Affiliates vary from person to person or one company to another company. They can be a single individual who promotes the merchant’s products or can be companies as well, who do it on product-type based promotions with the list of products of merchants listed on their website. Irrespective of independent or a company-based affiliate marketer, the commission comes into place only after the sale is commenced.

Best affiliate marketing program provider in India

Many affiliate marketing companies are emerging in India with the increase in demand for buying products online has clicked up well. Yet, there are few best affiliate marketers who are offering the best commissions by offering different programs for both individuals and companies.

1: Flipkart Affiliate

With Flipkart you can earn up to 15% affiliate commission just by promoting their brand in the form of app installation with new users and also by promoting their own products or other top-selling products; it is free to join.

2: Amazon Associates

Amazon has a list of more than a million products and contains a great consumer/customer database. Affiliates, who enroll with Amazon for advertising, will be paid a commission up to 12% on every sale of a product purchased by the consumer through affiliates’ reference links; joining is free even here.

3: eWebGuru Affiliate

eWebGuru provides a unique URL to you after registering with them as an affiliate partner. You are allowed to sell products and services of eWebGuru on the website, and you can display the link on your social media network accounts for promotion. The commission paid by eWebGuru varies as per number of sales provided by an affiliate, but definitely, you can earn well, and you can join for free.

4: MakeMyTrip Affiliate

If you have a travel-centric blog or website or tied up with any other blog or website for promotions alone, then you can earn an unexpected commission amount from MakeMyTrip Affiliate.

5: Godaddy Affiliate

Godaddy Affiliate works similar to eWebGuru, whereas here you earn from clicks that your reference link gets from customers. The commission varies from clicks to sale of Godaddy products through the reference link you promote.


In today’s market, many affiliate partners are offering commission-based programs for your benefit. Grab it and make use of it in a correct manner; otherwise, there are chances that you may not get over your competitor affiliates if you lose the momentum.

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eWebGuru launches Affiliate Program

Are you looking for a perfect platform where you can earn some handsome money? You are in the right place; here we are discussing the affiliate program newly by the eWebGuru where you can some handy cash amount through by the sales commission.

Before getting in deep about eWebGuru’s sales affiliate program, let’s brush up with some basics about the affiliate program.

What is an Affiliate Program?

Affiliate is one of the marketing techniques where the entire operation carried on performance-basics. To be in simple words, an affiliate program or marketing is a simple process that allows you to earn a commission for promoting other people’s or company’s products. For every sale carried by you will be rewarded as cash from the profit of the respective sale.   

Affiliate Program

Advantages of Using Affiliate

When compared with other marketing techniques and programs, using the affiliate program offers more benefits owing to that many top companies prefer Affiliate as their vital marketing techniques. Here we have listed a few of the benefits offered by the affiliate.

  • Purely Performance Based: Since the affiliate pays upon the sales business owners need not worry about spending a lot. Also, businesses are likely to share a few percentages on the sales carried through affiliate programs.
  • Strengthen Audience Base: In today’s market affiliates are established in almost every product and niches. So just by making a partnership with the existing opportunity, you can able to increase your visitors/audience base significantly. Else simply you can promote your affiliate program with your prolific consumer who spreads your product to more people that will eventually strengthen your audience base.
  • Improves Your Reputation: Since the affiliate runs by making a partnership with the trusted network or bloggers or with reputable websites, your product/companies reputation values grow significantly among the consumers worldwide.
  • Cost-Effective: When compared with all other existing marketing techniques, involving affiliate could be cost-effective and also you can able to witness assured growth of your site’s performance.
  • Boost Site Traffic: The more sites you getting linked through by the affiliate program, your site will witnesses more opportunities where you can convert your users into paid customers. This process eventually increases your opportunity of converting those free users into paid customers.

EWebGuru Launches Affiliate Program

EWebGuru one of the most known hosting service providers in India is well-known for offering high-quality service for affordable rates. The Noida based company eWebGuru is the leading web solution provider of India, they started to offer web solution from 2007 ever since, they keep growing with good reputation values.

Recently, the company launches an affiliate program that offers high commissions for every sale. Join the affiliate program of eWebGuru and start earning while you sleep.

Earn Money with eWebGuru through Affiliate Program

eWebGuru – One of the pioneer when it comes to offering web solutions. In today’s market, eWebGuru is one of the most reliable vendors who offer the best affiliate programs along with allowing people t earn some smart quick cash.

Join eWebGuru through quick and easy sign-up. People around the world are now joining the affiliate program conducted by the reliable web hosting company eWebGuru and earn a bonus amount up to INR 60,000/month.

Commission Rates Offer By eWebGuru

On analyzing the commission rates offered by the companies running the affiliate program in India, the web hosting company eWebGuru offers the highest commission rates under 3 different criteria’s which are listed below for your references.

  1. For the sales 1 to 25 per month, the respective individual can earn Rs. 500 / $8 per sale as the referral commission.
  2. For the sales 25 to 100 per month, the respective individual can earn Rs. 1000 / $15 per sale as the referral commission.
  3. For the sales of more than 100 in a month, the respective individual can earn Rs. 3000 / $45 per sale as the referral commission.

For people who wish to earn some handsome money while sleeping can really make use of this opportunity offered by eWebGuru. All you need to have a high traffic website or portal where you can place the banners of eWebGuru with outbound links. For every sale happens through that referral banner placed you will earn a commission.

Features of eWebGuru’s Affiliate Program

Apart from just offering a high commission for every sale, eWebGuru’s affiliate program comes with exciting features that are listed below for your references.

  • No Registration Fees
  • Sign-up Bonus
  • Best Commission
  • Short Withhold Period
  • Easy Payout
  • Eye-Catching Banners

How to Get Start?

Well if you planned to join eWebGuru’s affiliate program, just keep in touch with their experts who can help you get starting and to earn. Send all your queries to where one of their experts will respond shortly.


Looking to earn some handsome money by taking part in the trusted affiliate program, then joining eWebGuru’s affiliate program would be the wise decision to take. Their affiliate marketing team offers multiple web hosting banners in different sizes where you can pick the one that suits you well for you.

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How do I earn in affiliate marketing?

No matter what type of marketing you empower to sell your products or services, still it is marketing and requires some creative effort from your end to attract the target audience. Affiliate marketing is not the least in that case. The only advantage with affiliate marketing is you need not spend time outside for selling products and earning a commission. There are a few factors that you need to consider as a priority when entering into affiliate marketing.

affiliate marketing

How to make your first sale through affiliate marketing?

Making the first sale is the most awaiting moment for every affiliate, at the same time it is the most difficult task too. You can go through these steps as an aid for building your sales through affiliate marketing.

1. Aim for multiple niches: 

Do not stick on to a specific niche when you are into affiliate marketing. An online market is a vast place where numerous products or service providers expose multiple products or services to you. Understanding the online market is a crucial task to become a great affiliate marketer. 

Some say that sticking on to one particular niche will give you an idea of how to catch your audience’s pulse. Yes, it is true, and you can follow the same as long as you understand the audience’s pulse. But it does not work out in all circumstances. Choose products or services that you are strong selling, so you can easily find out ways to reach your target audience.

2. No paid traffic generation: 

Do not prefer opting for a paid traffic generation as it may not provide you suitable backlinks for your product or service links. Sometimes, your links may be posted in a different category that brings back the bounce rate for your website. Also, during the initial stage of affiliate marketing, paid traffic generation is on the high-end cost-wise.

3. Build links through free traffic sources: 

Generating web traffic through free resources may take time for some time when you start off. But it is not that time consuming as you think. Mastering in generating organic traffic yields you more revenue than the paid ones. Social media is one of the best powerful tools where you can create wonders with publicizing through networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, blogging, etc. 

Work out some copywriting kind of thing on Instagram along with your product reference link, which definitely takes a view from your followers. To do this, you should have good followers count thus creating product publicity. Blogging is another weapon where you can write about your product-related articles and post the reference link for diversion of consumers.

4. Test, measure and track your sales: 

In affiliate marketing, not every day can be a good day. One month you might do extraordinary sales and have earned good commission, but the next month, you might not be able to achieve for whatever reasons could be. In such cases, try out selling a different product, measure your sales performance and track your sales from one month to another. This will help you figure out where you went right or wrong in the previous month and what could be your immediate resolution to overcome that.

5. Research about product demand: 

This factor is close to the first point i.e. choosing the right niche. If you are good at selling a particular niche, check the online demand of that product so that you can make appropriate strategies for your affiliate marketing program. Otherwise, it appears to be a wasted investment of time on that niche. 

6. Follow new methods and techniques: 

Analyze your competitor websites and see how they are promoting the niche of your kind. This will help you think of an innovative approach that no one has got close to consumers. 

7. Use efficient tools for affiliate marketing

There are many online free and paid tools available to initiate a free e-market campaign for promoting your products. You can create multiple, attractive images with your convincing content and post them in the right place where you get good traffic.

Apart from all the aforementioned factors you can even try out affiliate marketing types such as pay per click (PPC), pay per sale (PPS) and pay per lead (PPL). All three programs are offered by affiliate marketers wherein pay per click, it works on number of visitors for your reference link, pay per sale works on number of completed sales after which the advertiser pays you the respective commission and in pay per lead, you will be paid commission if visitors provide their contact information and that turns out to be a lead.


If you consider affiliate marketing as a full-time business, you have to understand its concept and go through every stage of how to achieve success through it; believe me, you will definitely see success.

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How to turn a hard drive into a cloud server?

Server technology is different from hard drive terminology. But the magic happens with an external hard drive that is attached to network storage. You can turn even a USB drive into a cloud server, but it all depends on the storage space you choose. Turning a hard drive into a cloud server is a type of obtaining personal cloud storage solutions. A regular hard drive may not help you in this case. All you require is a network-attached storage (NAS) device.

Difference between a cloud server and a NAS

a cloud server is a device that connects to the network for controlling and accessing data by providing a clear web interface, whereas a NAS device contains multiple hard drives that can be configured in a RAID array, therefore providing data protection built-in.

It is suggested to use a NAS device rather than a network hard drive because it has the same features as a regular hard drive do. The only thing is you get all the cloud features in a network hard drive but partitioning into multiple disk space is a question of doubt.

cloud server

Benefits of NAS

The following benefits may not be available in all NAS devices but can help to some extent.

  • You get stringent data protection when using a multi-bay NAS device with RAID
  • These NAS devices are capable of streaming videos from the device to game consoles, set-top boxes, smartphones, and tablets, locally and remotely
  • You can effectively use NAS devices for video surveillance and recordings via connecting IP cameras to the device (NAS)
  • With the availability of sufficient storage, you can back up your local computers working on operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and Linux, to the NAS device
  • You can quickly create a second backup of your NAS device by transferring its data to online cloud server devices provided by cloud service providers.
  • You can even turn the NAS device to an FTP server, web server, mail server and more with the help of third-party apps that help transfer it

How businesses find a NAS device effective?

  • It is one of the lower-cost options that enable you to run the IT environment of your organization peacefully
  • Many businesses may not have an internal IT department; in such cases, having a NAS device eases the mode of business operation
  • You can access your any old data till the recent one from the drive any time
  • When you cut down expenses on IT resources and its related applications, automatically, you experience a growth capability in your business 
  • You invest a one-time purchase cost which is triple the times less than a dedicated or a cloud server

Which factors to consider while purchasing a NAS device?

  • Storage capacity: First, storage capacity is something that you have to look into because it is the main factor that decides your data backup on the cloud. Ensure that you buy a NAS device as per your business need when you are the initial stage of running a business.
  • Network connectivity: Most NAS devices use Gigabit Ethernet connectivity and allow multiple cable connections at the same time. If one port loses speed, the other entire ports link together to bring the overall speed. But only a few NAS devices work wirelessly and there is no guarantee of the Internet speed.
  • Device performance: An NAS device’s performance is measured with increased configuration. For example, a computer’s working performance is measured with what kind of processor, RAM, hard drive and more are used; thus, it works in a manner that the high the configuration is, the high the performance is. Even NAS devices act in the same manner.
  • Backup and recovery: It is understandable that every NAS device provides backup and recovery process, but you should look into the complexity of those processes and also the percentage of data that you can bring back even from the Cloud. 
  • Security: The NAS device that you purchase should have an in-built data protection firewall that should sync with the device from which you request a backup. 

Easy steps to turn a hard drive into a cloud server:

Western Digital’s My Cloud and Seagate’s Personal cloud server let you turn a hard drive into a cloud server effortlessly. You get access to features such as Dropbox, iCloud and Google Drive by making use of the aforementioned devices.

Easy Setup:

  • Connect your Internet/Ethernet cable to the appropriate port in the NAS device and proceed to install it on your computer
  • After your computer detects the NAS device, follow the prompts that display on your computer screen to complete the initial setup of the device in no time
  • Similarly, you can connect the drive to your mobile or smartphone and access any type of file from wherever you are.
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How to connect to a Dedicated server using Jenkins?

If you are seeking the perfect way to connect a dedicated server using Jenkins then you are in the right place. Here in this article, we have elaborated on how we can connect an Ubuntu dedicated server using a Jenkins automation server and also how to install a Jenkins server on Ubuntu dedicated server.

Before getting into the topic, let’s brush up with some basics.

What is Jenkins?

Jenkins is an open-source automation server that helps to carry the software development process not carried by the humans. The specialty of Jenkins is its continuous integration and facilitating technical aspects of continuous delivery.

In technical words, this open-source automation server is a Java coding and mainly used to test the continuous delivery of the software, this is pretty handy for the developers to check and do some integrated changes on their software.

Dedicated server

Why Developers Prefer Jenkins on Host Server?

1. Timing Saving

The automated tool Jenkins saves a lot of time and allows developers to concentrate more on other matters by managing all those integration and testing operations with its automated build and testing system of Jenkins.

2. Improves Software Quality

Since Jenkins is an automated system, it automatically detects and fixes all those issues found in the newly developed software in no time this leads towards a state where developers can release the software at any time without worrying about the testing operation.

3. Fasten the Development Process

Jenkins takes care of those integration work single-handedly as automated. This saves a lot of time and money for the software makers and reduces the development time significantly.

4. Allows Developers to Focus only On Particular Commit

Jenkins allows developers to focus on particular commit for testing instead of checking the entire source code of the software. This allows developers to release several new software at a speedy pace.

5. Automated Testing  

Developers are required to do changes on the commit of the source code and the automated Jenkins takes care of the testing operation in automated mode.

How to Install Jenkins On Ubuntu Dedicated Server?

Well, the initial step would be running a Jenkins server on the ubuntu dedicated server followed by installing and running the apache server which needs to configure in a reverse server proxy.

  • Step 1: Make sure you have an updated dedicated server on your domain host server
  • Step 2: Since Jenkins runs on Java you need Java Open JDK on your server. So contact your server admin and install Java with the apt command.
  • Step 3: Before installing Jenkins on your host dedicated server, you need to add GPG Keys and Jenkins repository followed by the Debian package repository by referring the sources.list from your host server or by seeking help from your host admin.
  • Step 4: Finally, ensure you have installed the latest app packages on your server and install the latest Jenkins version.
  • Step 5: Once, it has done the open-source automated server Jenkins will start automatically. Make sure it works perfectly when you boot your system.
  • Step 6: Once the installation is done, now we need to look over the other issues. Jenkins server specifically designed to run on port 8080. So you need to configure your server firewall accordingly and make sure the UFW is active else do it by enabling OpenSSH on your server.

Thanks, it, you have successfully installed the open-source automated server Jenkins on your Ubuntu or a dedicated server by following the aforementioned steps. Well, the upcoming section in this article will illustrate how to configure the installed Jenkins on your host server.

How to Configuring Jenkins in a Dedicated server? Or Connecting Dedicated Server Using Jenkins

To connect your host dedicated server and to configure Jenkins on your host server, you need to go to the port 8080 in which the Jenkins works on your browser followed by your domain name and server IP address. This is eventually would look like this http://your_ip_or_domain:8080.

  • Once, the URL entered you need to unlock Jenkins by securely setting up the administration password which is supposed to be created during the installation process. Followed by which you will witness a screen on which you supposed to select the desired plug-ins for your site.
  • Well, for installing plug-ins from the Jenkins you will be prompt with two options either to ‘install suggested plug-ins’ or to go with the ‘select plug-ins to install’.
  • After you select the desired option, the installation will start automatically on the next page. The most preferred option would be ‘install suggested plug-ins’. 
  • Once, all those Jenkins plug-ins installed successfully the next page will suggest you create an admin account, where you need to provide the desired information and submit.
  • Thereafter you need to set up the Jenkins instance URL and furthermore, you can visit Jenkins’s main dashboard where you can start using Jenkins.
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cloud server

How to create a private cloud server in the dedicated server?

Before you learn how to create a private cloud server in the dedicated server, first you should know what is a private cloud server and its advantages and disadvantages so that you can yield fruitful results out of your effective resource allocation.

What is a Private Cloud?

A private cloud server is one of the solutions for IT computing issues that leverage your IT resources explicitly. It is an internal private network that allows only select users to utilize IT resources instead of the general public. It is completely managed by the organization with respect to cost, viability, and utilization.

Essential features of cloud server computing

  • Independently manageable: In the cloud, without the intervention of a service provider or your IT department, you can effectively and easily manage your own services.
  • Wide network area: If you have the Internet with good bandwidth, cloud computing is all yours.
  • Resource pooling:  Cloud services that run in a data center use a shared infrastructure with other customers such that saving space and allocation of IT resources as per the need become easy.
  • Maximum optimization: Resources utilization on cloud is effectively monitored and reported for futuristic purposes.

How does a Private Cloud server work?

A private cloud server is a dedicated infrastructure offered only for a single customer. You can have the Private Cloud at your own datacenter or only computer room; you can also leave it to the service provider as well to manage, but you own the complete responsibility of cost incurred for the solution at any time.

How to implement a Private Cloud server?

Private Cloud is flexible to use and can be achieved through virtualization, no matter if you use Microsoft’s Hyper V or VMware. Successful implementation of Private Cloud depends on the following factors:

  1. Service monitoring and control: Private Cloud expects all servers to be the same for better and predicted results. Service management and automation play a key role in a cloud solution. You should maintain consistency in every action that you perform which should allow you to retry and documentable as well.
  2. Applications management: Applications’ quality is needed either to create or dissolve a cloud solution. Ensure that you are able to manage all your applications through the cloud’s provider management portal, but also have an eye on the allocation of resources to scale up or down according to the need.
  3. Organization: Adaptability in a shifting of technology plays an important role across the organization. If you are implementing a Private Cloud in your organization, it means that you are transferring from pure technology to business-driven solutions. So your IT department should be able to accept and understand the technology and grow along with improving knowledge.

How to split a dedicated server into a private cloud server


With the help of virtualization technology, you can create private clouds in a dedicated server. Each VPS replicates the features of dedicated servers and runs on the existing operating system that it has. Also, the Private cloud runs on the operating system that your dedicated server runs on. After you decide on the number of VPS servers you would like to split your dedicated server into, you should also decide which virtualization software to be installed on your dedicated server.

You have many open-source virtualization software available on the Internet where you do not need to pay any licensing fee. One such software that is performing well is Open VZ. Now follow these steps to integrate a Private cloud in the dedicated server:

  1. Click and open the server manager and choose Add rules and features. Search for the Server Rules option. 
  2. Install the Hypervisor (the operating system) and open the Hyper V manager.
  3. On the left panel, right-click on the Hyper V manager and click Connect to Server.
  4. Now choose Local Computer and click on OK.
  5. Click Virtual Switch Manager at the right side of the panel and then choose New Virtual Network Switch.
  6. Select External and then click the Create Virtual Switch button.
  7. Name your virtual switch for easy recognition and click on Apply and then on OK.
  8. Complete the installation of Hyper-V configurations and install the Operating system along with configuring the installed resources.
  9. Redo the same procedure for installing all the resources successfully.

This is how you create a Private cloud server in the dedicated server. But you should also go through several other techie blogs and forums to check how many prefer/do not prefer a Private Cloud server and what are its disadvantages as well so that you can make a wise decision before you invest on such servers.

Though virtualization is beneficial, obtaining a Private cloud server sometimes may or may not help in finding out solutions during complex situations. Hope this blog has provided you useful information on Private Cloud server.

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How do web servers communicate with each other?

Communication between a web server and a server, between a server and other devices, play an important role in web hosting or any kind of function that happens technically among devices. It is similar to how our human brain works with other parts of the body. If one node of communication fails from the human brain, the part that it stops communicating will not work or be damaged. 

Not many of us know how these servers work and how they communicate with each other. If you type the URL of your website in the address bar of your Internet browser, such as Chrome, Safari, your computer transfers information to the server hosting to pull the website data onto the screen of your device. 

Let us see how servers connect to the Internet in the following section.

Splitting of The URL

The first step in this communication process is your browser splits the URL into three parts—HTTP, server name or the IP address in other words and the file name such as .html, which relates to files such as images, computer-style sheets such as CSS, fonts and more of a specific website.

web server

Connecting web server IP Address

The server name is converted into an IP address, the language which a web server can understand, and with the IP address is how a browser is inter-linked to a web server. Thus, your browser connects to the server at that particular translated IP address. You need to remember that the IP address assigned by your Internet service provider (ISP) keeps changing every time you log onto the server or any URL for that case, but the server’s IP address will never change. Thus the browser assigns a specific code to the web server’s IP address and tries to connect to it every time using the same #html code. 

After you connect your computer to the web server, the browser that you use sends a request to access a file that is linked to your server. This file is a kind of web page that has already been included in your website URL and when you type the URL in the browser’s address bar, it directly connects to the webserver and fetches the required information on your computer, laptop or mobile screen. 

Data Conversion

Later, whatever the information that you expect from the webserver to connect, all the HTML files or text of the web page are sent by the server to your computer’s browser and further, the server converts the HTML data into a web page and pops up on your screen. To the wonder, all these processes happen within a fraction of seconds between the server and the computer.

Until now, we learned about the server to computer information translation, whereas now we will look into the server–server translation.

Communication Between Two web server

Communication between one server to another server is required if the information stored on both the servers are similar. Otherwise, both the servers operate independently upon the instructions from the URL keyed in by the user. 

We have artificial intelligence (AI) and the internet of things (IoT) embedded with cloud infrastructure to initiate communication between two devices. But servers are not physically seen technology and hence, it takes the help of IP address to collaborate with internal computers and several cloud-based platforms to translate from one server to another server. 

For example, if you have two servers Server A and Server B and have hosted two websites in each server, respectively, and one particular web page in the website that belongs to Server A has been linked with some page of the website that belongs to Server B, then both the servers follow this pattern: You type the URL of the Server A in one browser and go to the link that takes you to the Server B. Click on the reference link, and now your browser communicates with Server A to fetch the web page linked to the Server B and finally, displays the web page associated with the Server B. The same process is repeated with Server B in case it has a reference link associated to the Server A. 

If there are broken links or URLs, any server for that case fails to communicate and translate the required information on your screen. Your web hosting service provider offers you support for two IP addresses—IPv4 and IPv6. In case the non-static one IPv4 fails to fetch the information from the server, the static one IPv6 will support at that point.

Conclusion:  Server communication happens faster than communication among devices. Learning about server translation will definitely help you understand if something goes wrong with your server or if the URL opens as a broken link. This will allow you to resolve the problem immediately either independently or with the support of your web hosting service provider.

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