How to access DirectAdmin panel for web hosting?

If you are a tech-savvy person, then you might hear about the graphical web hosting control panel DirectAdmin. The graphical Webhosting control panel DirectAdmin specifically designed to make the administrative operations of web hosting a lot easier than other hosting panels.

For easy picking, techie people refer to the DirectAdmin hosting as DA in short form and it runs only on the Linux web hosting system. DirectAdmin designed to be compatible with several versions of the multiple Linux distributions such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux, FreeBSD, Fedora Core, Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu, Cloud Linux, and Red Hat.

DirectAdmin Control Panel

DirectAdmin also popularly known as the DA among the webmasters and techie people is one among the existing high featured web hosting control panel software, which is similar to the most common Web hosting control panel cPanel.

With the graphical and web-based interface offered by the DirectAdmin, the administrator can have the advantage of quick set-ups and managing the hosted websites. In addition, the DirectAdmin can perform automated tasks, which is something peculiar and not seen in other hosting panels.

Features of DirectAdmin Panel

With the special interfaces and several special features, the DirectAdmin Panel makes things easier for the administrators and resellers. Here are the few attractive features offered by the DirectAdmin Panel.

  • Create and manage email addresses
  • Create and manage FTP user accounts
  • Manage DNS
  • View statistics data
  • Manage FrontPage Extensions
  • Create and manage subdomains
  • Upload and manage file using a file manager
  • Manage MySQL Databases
  • Backup and restore site files and account data
  • Set up error pages
  • Set up directory password protection
  • Install SSL certificates, set up cron jobs, and other advanced tools

Benefits of DirectAdmin

  • Easiness in establishing a website in host server
  • Webmaster or administer can handle hundreds of website at ease
  • DirectAdmin is the low-cost control Panel when compared with all other existing panels in the hosting industry  
  • DirectAdmin offers you all the essential features that you want to set up a site in the shared hosting server.

How to access the DirectAdmin Panel?

The DirectAdmin Panel can be accessed in 3 ways, by entering your server hostname or by entering your server IP address, or by entering your domain name. All those 3 options must include the suffix or extension “:2222. Just like the formats given below

  • https://yourserverhostname:2222
  • https://yourserveripaddress:2222

By doing, so you can able to view the accessing panel of DirectAdmin where you supposed to provide the credentials to access the DirectAdmin control panel. Here we elaborate on the process involved in resetting the Admin password, creating another administrator account, and creating FTP accounts in the DirectAdmin Control panel.

  1. Steps to Reset Admin Password In DirectAdmin

Steps to follow for resetting the admin password of the DirectAdmin control panel.

  • Login to DirectAdmin Hosting Control Panel [It should be accessible by using any of the above-mentioned 3 ways].
  • Click on the Change Password link.
  • Provide the following details:
    • Current Password
    • New Password
    • Re-type New Password
  • Click on the Submit button.
  • Steps to Create Another Admin Account in DirectAdmin Panel
  • Login to DirectAdmin control panel [It should be accessible by using any of the above-mentioned 3 ways]
  • From the Server Management section, click on Create Administrator link
  • Fill the following details:
    • Username
    • Email Address
    • Password
    • Re-type New Password
  • Click on the Submit button to create another Administrator account.
  • Steps to Create FTP accounts in DirectAdmin Panel
  • Login to DirectAdmin control panel [It should be accessible by using any of the above-mentioned 3 ways]
  • Click on the FTP Management link.
  • Click on Create New FTP Account.
  • Provide the following details:
    • FTP Username
    • Password of that user
    • Re-type Password
  • Set the path for your FTP account Directory. You can the option of setting a custom path for your server.
  • Click on Create button to create an FTP account.
  • Steps to Create a Reseller Account In DirectAdmin
  • Login to DirectAdmin control panel [It should be accessible by using any of the above-mentioned 3 ways]
  • From the Server Management section, click on Create Reseller link
  • Fill the required details:
    • Username
    • Email Address
    • Password
    • Re-type New Password
    • Domain Name
    • Select Reseller Package from drop-down menu
    • Assign IP address from the drop-down menu for the account, etc.
  • Click on the Submit button.


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DirectAdmin Panel vs cPanel

Most of the hosting companies offering a control panel for the website. The hosting panel is a web-based interface that allows administrators and users to manage various server functions from the comfort of a web browser instead of the command line. Here are some of the most popular options that are available and well maintained.

DirectAdmin Panel

DirectAdmin is a lightweight control panel that supports Linux. It is directly used for hosting and provides administrative options for managing all parts of your hosting account, this is the internet panel for easy management of dedicated servers. DirectAdmin supports Apache, Nginx, LiteSpeed, ​​and Open LiteSpeed ​​web servers. Furthermore, there is support for MariaDB and ModSecurity, MySQL, ClamAV, Exim, Dovecot, SpamAssassin, SpamD, ProFTPD, and PureFTPD.

DirectAdmin license fees start at $ 29 /month which is suitable for hosting companies looking for a budget package. The most important attraction that makes DirectAdmin popular is unlimited domain support in all of its plans.

 Benefits Of DirectAdmin 

  • DirectAdmin is one of the simplest control panel and functions as a lightweight option. 
  • Easily build and control hundreds of web sites.
  • DirectAdmin has a user-friendly admin area.
  • DirectAdmin allows the purchase of a Lifetime License that offers unlimited domain support, periodic control panel updates, and more.
  • It has practically had every feature you need to set your website on a shared website hosting.

 cPanel( Control Panel)

cPanel is a UNIX based administration panel that allows the administrative functions of the website from the administrator, retailer or end-user level. This is a graphical web-based web hosting control panel and can handle all website administration features in the interface. cPanel is more popular for end-users and has an easy interface and a widely used control panel.

Benefits of cPanel

  • CPanel hosting comes with several blessings for users. Going with CPanel web hosting, the customer can have smooth website management although, for someone new, it can keep this method very clean.
  • CPanel is easy to install, it helps a lot of websites, domains, sub-domains, and domain names that are uploaded, very useful for customers who have many websites. That is the maximum blessing highlighted by cPanel.
  • The simplest wants a Linux system environment with at least 266 MHZ, at least 512 MG RAM and at least 10 GB of available disk space.
  • cPanel internet web hosting has arranged a whole lot that is adequate and has already prepared cPanel.

 DirectAdmin Vs cpanel

  • The control panel is a graphical web-based hosting control panel and can handle all website administration features in the interface. From a functionality standpoint, cPanel offers more features compared to DirectAdmin. Because this DirectAdmin can be considered a lightweight control panel and requires fewer server resources compared to cPanel.
  • DirectAdmin can be developed, but the cost of adding additional functionality is very high. With the cPanel server, you can add plugins and modules very easily without any additional costs. Along with developing through modules and plugins, advanced users can customize code options directly to the system.
  • Most web hosting providers provide cPanel as a control panel with the package you have registered because understanding the power of cPanel is easy compared to DirectAdmin.
  • DirectAdmin can be expanded, but the cost of adding additional functionality is very high. cPanel has a huge selection of plugins available to expand the abilities of that panel, you can add plugins and modules very easily without any additional costs.
  • You will be charged less to get a DirectAdmin license compared to cPanel cost. 
  • If you have a low configuration server and you have skills, DirectAdmin is a good choice but if you are going to use a server to host client websites, cPanel is a better choice.
  • Both cPanel and DirectAdmin offer a server configuration framework as well as a user interface. But DirectAdmin makes you work at the root level and cPanel offers complete configuration and features in the user interface which is is easier to use and complies with the requirements of all users at all levels.

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Before you select a panel, you must know which option is better for your hosting needs. I hope all the above overviews help you when searching for web panels to meet your personal or professional website management needs.