5 Best Ways To Promote Your Brand Using Instagram Stories 2020

Instagram stories are the latest addition to the social media platform. Regardless of whether you are using the account to socialize or for business purposes, you must have come across Instagram stories.

Instagram stories include snippets, images, videos and much more in your Instagram feeds. Instagram introduced stories in August 2016, which can be shared with your followers for up to 24hrs. These feeds can not only be viewed by your followers but also the visitors. 

Engage Your Audience Using Instagram Stories

Interact With Your Followers

Instagram can help businesses in creating brand awareness which can eventually improve their SEO rankings as well. Such interaction with your consumers can do wonders for your brand. There are plenty of ways to interact with your audience using Instagram stories, you can introduce a new product, promote your brand, and also conduct polls to gauge audience reaction. 

You can also keep a track of such interactions and know exactly how many people saw your feeds and how many went to the next story as well. You can also work on improving your methods on the basis of your evaluation. This way you can continue innovating and improvising until you get the desired results.

Bring In The Influencers

Teaming up with Instagram influencers can also help in getting more followers and increasing your conversion rate. There are multiple ways of doing so, you can do an event with them or ask them to promote your brand, either way, it is going to help you elevate your brand status. 

Especially in a scenario where you are going to hold an event, influencers can do wonders in promoting the event. With the right influencer  you will definitely witness a rise in the number of people showing interest in your brand. It is advisable to find an influencer who is already associated with a similar brand like yours. 

Improve CTRS

Brands usually add as many as links as they can and then evaluate Click Through Rate (CTRs). Links have proven to be quite effective in guiding the users to your company website. 

Instagram provides features such as swipe up to users with certified accounts, with the help of Swipe up you can take your followers to your company website. You can also add a link to your story if you have more than 5000 followers. 

New users also have the option of adding links to their bio, which also serves the same purpose. You can use these options to create brand awareness and attract customers to your page.

Personalize Your Content

Instagram is a platform where users share their daily activities with their followers. It helps them to connect with their followers. Such interaction helps to build a more personalized connection between the user and the followers. It can also do the same for many brands looking for ways to connect with their target audience on a more personal level. You can let them into your world and show them the effort and the care that you have put in building your brand and once they relate to your brand then you can focus your efforts on strengthening these bonds. 

Here are Few Tips:

  • Use hashtags in your stories.
  • Make sure your stories reflect your brand colors.
  • Share posts related to your website and products.
  • Include audio, video as well as images in your stories.
  • Make sure your stories are not too long or boring.
  • Engage with your audience by going live.

Utilizing both marketing and social media can definitely give you an added advantage when it comes to building brand awareness. Your marketing strategy and your Instagram stories should be in perfect synchronization with each other. Use interactive and interesting content to engage the audience and make sure they do not lose their interest. Remember that you are trying to build long-lasting bonds with your audience that can help your brand to excel. 

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