5 Best Web Hosting in India 2024 (April)

Top 10 web hosting companies in India

The strong export services in India have grown by about 14% in the last couple of decades. From 2021 to 2022, it stood at more than 250 billion USD. A major part of the exported services is from services like Business Processing Outsource (BPO) and Information Technology (IT) with more than 150 billion USD in 2021 to 2022. 

This growth has been brought by both IT firms of the world and its headquarters in India. It helps in employing more than 5 million people. That also with the highest efficiency and qualifications. All of these have created connections in India making it a hub of innovation and technology. It converges as businesses look into adopting technology on a wider scale across the globe.  

The services exports of India have been bringing the total growth of exports. BPO and IT services are the largest component. It includes more than 60% of the service exports of India. It has helped in enabling the elevation of complete service exports at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 14% in terms of dollars for more than a couple of decades.  

In the present times, most of the Indian businesses are opting for online businesses. Some are either bloggers, web developers or digital marketers. So in short, India has lots of online business owners. 

But to run an online business, it is important to have a website for your enterprise. For that, business owners must need a web hosting provider.

India consists of many web hosting companies. That is also in both global and local markets. It offers a range of web hosting plans making you take suitable choices out of other tough options.  

To keep your website running efficiently and seamlessly, you need a web hosting provider. In this article, we will guide you completely in choosing the right web hosting service providers in India to skyrocket your online business. 

Top Web Hosting Companies in India


If you have an extremely tight budget. You also looking for the best value-for-money service provider. Then eWebGuru is one of the most affordable web hosting services in India. At a cost-friendly rate, it provides extraordinary performance. Its control panel is very easy to use and it provides reliable customer support service. 

For more than two decades, it has been one of the most affordable and greatest web hosting companies in India. In 2003, it started to provide online solutions to businesses. It now caters to company-level solutions to their clients. That is also at a cost-effective rate.

Web Hosting services are one of the most popular services provided by eWebGuru. It offers a range of web hosting services on various platforms like Java, Linux, Windows, Business Email, as well as in WordPress Hosting. They also have Windows VPS hosting, Windows Hosting and Windows Reseller Hosting. They have both Windows and Linux VPS Hosting that are available under Cloud VPS Hosting. 


GoDaddy is one of the largest providers of platform services for online business owners across the world. It is traded publicly in the United States. It also has a domain registry across the internet. It is one of the most popular web hosting companies in the world and its headquarters is in Tempe, Arizona. It is incorporated in Delaware. 

GoDaddy offers one of the most dependable and cost-effective Woocommerce and WordPress hosting plans. They also offer instals in one click. They also offer the latest versions so that the new features to your website are availed instantly. The content of your website is managed from a single place. For limitless success, you can have limitless options like a range of add-ons and themes.

Network Solutions

It is regarded as the first provider of hosting solutions providing domain services. The company has a range of solution packages with robust features. That is also at a cost-friendly rate. 

They also provide comprehensive customer support through email, chat and phone. Network solutions provide each plan based on Linux. The plan also offers enough space on the disk. They also provide email accounts along with free registration of the domain accounts. 

These plans also consist of a user-friendly drag-and-drop tool, templates that are personalised in nature, a free gallery of pictures and many add-ons to the website such as calendars and maps.

Crazy Domains

Crazy Domains IN was established in 2000. Since then it has become one of the leading registrars of domain names across various nations of the world. They are known for their easy platform for businesses. It helps you to allow connection and manage email hosting, cloud web hosting, and online marketing services immediately. Crazy Domains provides aid to many companies of various sizes. Whether they are Small and Mid-size Enterprises (SMEs), startups or large enterprises, everyone is welcome to avail of their services. 

Crazy Domains functioned with the help of Dreamscape Networks International Pte Ltd. It employs lots of dependable IT professionals from across the globe. That is also within Customer Relations, Technical Support, Network Engineers, Systems, Development and many others. 


Namecheap was established in 2000 to deliver one of the best domains with seamless services at an extremely affordable price. Since then they have managed WordPress and have also included security and hosting. A whole list of innovations is also included in their platform. 

As the name suggests, Namecheap provides affordable domain and hosting plans for their clients. Several other advantages are also availed in their plan. Such as free certificates of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), automatic back-up, free migration of website with a guarantee of uptime and several others. The company is generally known for its solutions to the registrations of domains. 

Hosting Plans of eWebGuru

Bronze Plan (INR/yr)Silver Plan (INR/yr)Gold Plan (INR/yr)Diamond Plan (INR/yr)
Linux Hosting Plans1295199531955995

Final Wrap Up

When you are looking forward to choosing the best web hosting services in India, make sure you determine the features of the website for your online business. You might add hosting features relating to eCommerce, especially if you are thinking of developing an E-commerce website and 24/7 multilingual customer assistance. You can also include the location of the servers that are close to targets, and manage the advantages of hosting. Especially if you are unaware of the technical knowledge. 

Finally, we recommend that you reach out to us, eWebGuru, one of the most professional, experienced and affordable web hosting solutions across India. We have clients in India as well as abroad. You can visit our website and check for our testimonials. We have a list of satisfied and happy customers. 

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