A Comparison Between Common Website Hosting, Cloud, and CDN

In case you are looking for an affordable and reliable way of hosting your site, generally speaking, shared hosting is the solution. However, shared hosting means sharing the resources with others. It will not be as reliable or fast as other kinds of hosting alternatives. Apart from that, there are several sites hosted on a single server. So, other websites can overload the server and affect your website’s performance negatively. So, it is a good idea to perform some research before choosing a hosting provider that will make sure that you get quality service.

While choosing between common website hosting, cloud, and CDN, it’s ideal to secure your online operations. You can do this easily by forming an LLC, and for that, you might want to consider some of the best LLC services that can provide professional support and legal expertise.

What is a CDN service?

CDN or content delivery network is a system full of computers that work towards speeding up the distribution of all the digital content such as videos, images, and text files. CDN functions by caching all the commonly requested static files on the servers that are situated close to the users that need them. This way is useful for reducing response times and it improves the overall website performance. When you are using a CDN service, the website visitors get directed to a nearby server to get optimal download speed. CDN is also useful in improving the SEO of your website as it ensures a quicker page load time for all users.

What is traditional web hosting?

Traditional web hosting is a hosting service that gives organizations and individuals the tools and space needed for creating, publishing, and managing their sites. This normally means you have to purchase or rent server space from a hosting provider that will maintain the site infrastructure. It includes everything from account setup to software installation and management of security updates. Normally for owning a website you need coding knowledge or you have to hire a person that does. Traditional web hosting takes care of all this for you. You can get this kind of web hosting and more from a reliable source at ewebguru.

What is cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting is a kind of web hosting that allows businesses to access applications and data from remote servers across the web. Instead of storing all the info on physical hardware, cloud-based systems store the data on a big network of interconnected computers in a cloud. It also makes the data more efficient and scalable. Businesses are only paying for what they are using and there is no need of investing in expensive office infrastructure. Although there are several kinds of cloud hosting services you can get such as ewebguru, all of them share some common advantages such as,

  • Flexible pricing.
  • Quick deployment.
  • Scalability.

A comparison between Cloud and CDN

CDN services deliver static content for your website from the nearest available node. It emphasizes storage rather than providing web services. After receiving a web request, the CDN will get in touch with the source server and database. So, the performance of your website depends on the web server available at the source.

The scalability available with cloud hosting allows you to add or remove resources on the move. Cloud hosting will provide better performance as there are many pieces of equipment supporting its functioning. It is simple, to troubleshoot all the problems. Users will have full control over the data. CDN service cannot decide the performance aspect.

The traditional shared hosting websites opt for CDN services. If a shared server goes down you will incur losses while you can depend on CDN for hosting audio or video files over the server. Cloud hosting should be your top choice while looking for reliability. The cloud hosting providers have full access to both hardware and network. So, even while using heavy traffic applications you may rely on cloud hosting services.

The CDN services are inexpensive; some even provide a free service. Yet the technology utilized does not cost too much in the case of CDN. Cloud hosting gives you a stand-alone solution that will cater to all your web hosting requirements. But it costs a lot more for all the features it offers.

Overall, cloud hosting is a better choice but for the cost. In case of huge traffic, you need to select the cloud hosting wisely. For a good service from several locations, opt for CDN.

A comparison between CDN and standard hosting

CDN is capable of speeding up the access to the resources on your website. The standard web VPS hosting provides full content to the users. However, when this content is spread over the world, users may have to wait to retrieve the data from the servers. CDN on the other hand can retrieve the content from any place around the world via local servers and it can deliver it fast.

Standard web hosting such as the one provided by ewebguru mostly uses a single VPS server for its services and you can get cheap VPS hosting easily. CDN means you get servers globally and you can deliver the content from various servers. The standard hosting will have to be considered a little outdated due to the rise in internet traffic. The CDN services offer fast and reliable content delivery.

A comparison between standard hosting and cloud hosting

The standard hosting comes in two types viz. shared and dedicated. However, there are a few drawbacks associated with this kind of hosting such as,

  • Problems in case of spikes in the traffic.
  • Performance problems due to the use of shared servers.
  • Security breaches.

In the case of cloud hosting the load is distributed to a group of servers. The data is mapped across all these servers and so if one server goes down you will find that there is no effect on the website functioning. Cloud hosting will outperform standard hosting due to its resilience and elasticity. Many times, IaaS or Infrastructure as a Service is offered as a package by different cloud hosting service providers. It can take care of the maintenance tasks.

There is no need to pay for infrastructure in the case of cloud hosting. The users just have to pay for the resources they will use. The scalability of cloud hosting will surpass all other web hosting services.


Generally, the cloud looks to be a better solution than CDN, but for the costing aspect. But, when you are deciding between standard web hosting, CDN, and cloud hosting, you will first have to decide your needs. After this, you need to choose the best hosting service available for your needs. For all your VPS hosting or web hosting needs, a great place to visit will be ewebguru.

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