Best Dedicated Server Hosting Companies in India 2024

Best Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting in India 2024

Whether you are running a Game Server, an online business or an E-commerce website. You are running a business that is large scale. But are you having a heavy rush of Indian traffic? Are you looking for a dedicated server hosting solution? That is also for your website when you want to make Indians your audience from the Data  Centers of India. If you are looking for the above requirements, you have landed on the right blog page. This article is a comprehensive list of some of the popular and dedicated web servers in India. 

In a way, your service provider for dedicated hosting must provide complete dedication to your service. Along with that, the fact is you are required to buy a dedicated web server. You also need to hire a supportive and dedicated team for your website. Along with that, you should also be given an IP address that is dedicated as well. Nowadays, hosting companies have the complete capability to attract attention to the technical proficiency level. Along with expertise and skills separately. 

The actual matter is nowadays, the dedicated web server technology has grown in a significant manner. Since the servers’ technical aspects are increasing daily, the customer support service team has converted into huge factors. It has created vast differences between the hosting businesses.

When we discuss the support service of the clients, there are various huge differences among the dedicated service providers of server hosting. There is not even a minor place for the client service that would be of low quality. If you are paying a huge amount of money to lease a server, in return, you have to expect an expert response to your queries or concerns. The response should be rapid, knowledgeable, and satisfactory. 

In this blog, we will discuss one of the best-dedicated servers in India that provides dedicated solutions to server hosting. The hosting solutions can cater to the maximum requirement requirements of your website. We will also help you in looking for the Right Dedicated solutions in India for server hosting.  

Some Popular Dedicated Server Hosting Providers in India

1. eWebGuru

Maintaining an online presence in this digital era is important for all business types and sizes. However, the choice of a service provider for web hosting can be a task of discouragement. Especially when you are controlling it on a limited budget. For people looking for quality at a cost-friendly budget, eWebGuru is one of the topmost providers offering dedicated server hosting solutions for your website. They are known for their strong performance and affordable plans. eWebGuru has proved to be one of the best service providers of dedicated server hosting. 

eWebGuru was founded in 2003. It embarked on missions to provide online solutions catering to your business requirements. For several years, it has increased its offerings offering company-level solutions. They give complete attention to cost-friendliness. This approach has fulfilled the requirements for not just large enterprises but for small and medium businesses as well. It is for the advantage of the top-notch dedicated server hosting solutions.

eWebGuru’s longevity in the Indian web and server hosting market has been more than a couple of decades. According to their clients, they have a fully dependable and dedicated team. They have also earned full trust and satisfaction from their clients. The key to its success is encouragement and it lies in its capability to offer a range of dedicated service hosting plans. Whether the platform that the client is looking for is Linux, Java or Windows, eWebGuru offers tailor-made solutions that can fulfil various technical needs. Along with that, it provides hosting services of a special kind, like Windows Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting, Business Email hosting and many others. 

The dedicated servers of eWebGuru have the following features:

Servers that are Managed Completely

The setup is covered by the consistent management and enterprising monitoring of your server.

Top-notch Hardware for Super Micro

eWebGuru provides the best motherboards, supercases, and power supplies. 

Free Assitance for Migration

They will take care of all the setup of your servers, their verification and migration as well.

Fast Setup Times

From the time that you order to the time you log in to your server typically.

Full Control of IPMI

Intelligent Platform Management Interfaces (IPMI) provide you with the ability to activate your servers for reboot completely. It is for the reloading of your operating system.

Full Network for Uptime SLA

With the help of this robust feature, most of the clients of eWebGuru have faced minimal downtime till now. 

Custom and Flexible Builds of Servers

If you are looking for a unique setup of your servers, then this is it.

Free Certificate of SSL

You will receive a free certificate of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) of 149 USD on every purchase of bare metal servers.

2. HostSoch

The Websoch IT Solutions company established HostSoch in 2012 to offer affordable web hosting solutions to companies of all sizes. Delivering quick, easy, cost-effective, and dependable web hosting solutions has always been the goal of the HostSoch team. This firm was founded to promote successful Internet businesses and provide affordable business solutions. HostSoch’s web hosting services are the perfect fusion of superior uptime, unmatched 24/7 customer support, and cutting-edge technology.

They are innovators in providing mid-sized, corporate, and startup enterprises with flawless hosting services. With services and products ranging from basic hosting accounts to sophisticated dedicated servers and hosting plans on multiple platforms, HostSoch is a leader in the industry. Their straightforward goal is to provide flawless assistance that is filled with effective, sincere, and safe solutions. When it’s most needed, their dependable services are backed by knowledgeable customer service representatives available around the clock.

Expert Windows and Linux system administrators who are dedicated to providing top-notch support around the clock make up the HostSoch team. Their technical staff has extensive knowledge of Plesk control panel, cPanel, and virtualisation technologies. They also have a track record of success with server migration. To improve performance, minimise downtime, and assist their clients in paying less for support, the team of server experts handles the complicated issues related to servers.

HostSoch is adamant that considering the viewpoint of the consumer yields the greatest possible customer experience. The goal of their services and goods is to satisfy customers as much as possible. Their success can be attributed in large part to their user-friendliness and concise presentation, and they take great satisfaction in giving their clients these engaging experiences via round-the-clock customer service.

Features of the Dedicated Server Hosting Solutions provided by HotSoch:

Total Command

For their dedicated servers, root access and simple OS reloads are available upon request. They give customers complete root/administrative access to the hosting server, enabling them to install any approved software on it.

Obtain Dedicated IPs of Your Own

With their hosting options, Hostsoch provides free dedicated IP addresses that support IPv4 and IPv6 Internet protocols. Dedicated servers, provide unequalled IP flexibility.

Several OS Choices

Numerous operating systems are supported by Linux’s dedicated servers. Upon request from clients, servers can come pre-installed with CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, and other operating systems.

Options for the Control Panel

They provide powerful and cutting-edge web hosting control panels including Plesk, DirectAdmin, and cPanel. Customers are allowed to choose any management panel for their dedicated server that best meets their requirements.

Countless Websites to Host

There is no cap on the number of websites that clients can host. They make it easier for websites to go from a reseller, shared, or virtual private server hosting to an unrestricted dedicated server.

Elevated Bandwidth

Extreme bandwidth choices are offered by HostSoch in their hosting services. They have various Internet Exchanges connected to their data network, thus they can provide bandwidth ranging from 100 Mb/s to 1 GBPS and more.

3. Liquidweb

Liquid Web is a hosting provider that caters only to web and cloud professionals, with an emphasis on meeting the demands of expanding companies and the agencies, developers, and designers that work with them. Their offerings, which include goods, services, and support designed especially for mission-critical websites, shops, and applications, demonstrate this commitment. Their staff of about 250+ skilled administrators, engineers, and technicians is committed to reducing clients’ burdens so they may focus on their passions. Liquid Web’s mission is to “Power Your Business PotentialTM.”

Their Cloud Dedicated Servers combine the instantaneous provisioning and flexibility of a cloud platform with the processing power and resources of a traditional Dedicated Server. These cloud servers are completely transparent about their hardware and are always safe and dependable.

Liquid Web offers servers running either Windows or Linux, enabling optimisation and scaling at any time to ensure optimal performance even in the face of growing demand.

4. HiVelocity

A group of people with the vision of building a remarkable firm that specialises in hosting simplification founded Hivelocity in 2002. As is typical with many great startup tales, they began with a single rack of servers in a basement to create a hosting firm that would sustain and even encourage client development.

In 2002, they adopted a principle that still holds today: the more successful their clients are, the more successful they will be. Hivelocity’s main goal has always been to put its clients in the best possible position for success by doing everything it takes, whenever it can. They anticipate that as a result of their client’s success, there will be a greater need for their services.

From that first single rack of servers in a dark basement, Hivelocity has grown to operate over 40 world-class data centres across six continents thanks to its customer-centric emphasis. Tens of thousands of dedicated servers, virtualised servers, and private cloud solutions are now under their care and management. They also offer HIPAA and PCI-compliant services, and each of their data centres is accredited as an SSAE-18 SOC1 and SOC2 facility. Hivelocity, which is still privately held, employs more than 100 of the best technicians, engineers, and programmers in the business.

Hivelocity’s objective has not changed despite the company’s rapid expansion and increased range of services offered. This is to give clients the environments and solutions that will best position them for success. For them, this entails providing exceedingly dependable solutions so that clients may concentrate on managing their enterprises. It entails providing support and customer service much above expectations. It entails giving the user experience of the consumer top priority in whatever they do and do. Finally, it entails achieving all of this at a cost that lets their clients’ enterprises prosper.

Today and always, Hivelocity is committed to delivering the best possible user experience through outstanding customer support, faultless dependability, and remarkable innovation.

Dedicated Server Hosting Features Offered by Hivelocity:

Customised Hardware, Instantly Deployed

Customers can customise the specs of their servers. The company can build it to their specs, whether they need large disk capacity for storage servers, quick NICs for streaming, or everything in between. Clients can create their servers, or in less than 7 minutes, custom-built bare metal servers can be deployed.

Complete Command and Root Entry

Customers may take advantage of IPMI support for better hardware management, drive automation with an API-integrated platform, and get granular control by leveraging root access.

In the data centre, a member of the velocity team is working.

In the data centre, a member of the Hivelocity team is working on a custom solution.

Cloud-like Scalability

Their customised dedicated web hosting services function as an extension of the client’s infrastructure concept. Customers can adjust their servers, expand their resources, and build their networks to handle even the highest usage levels.

All-In-One Hosting Hub

Clients may combine all of their Hivelocity services under a single, easy-to-use dashboard, including private networks, VPS hosting, and dedicated servers.

5. KnownHost

Since its founding, the business has been committed to providing excellent, fully managed hosting services, bolstered by attentive, thorough, and flawless customer service. The company pledges to handle clients’ websites with the highest care, treating them as if they were its own, and acknowledging their importance.

With operations based in Seattle, Atlanta, and Amsterdam, the company has several global connections to 10-gigabit backbones. The use of premium bandwidth providers guarantees the best possible connections all around the world.

Since its establishment, the company has made a continual effort to offer top-notch, fully managed hosting services supported by attentive, individualised customer care.

Despite having the greatest hardware and software available, the corporation feels that its true strength is its workforce. Many team members have been with the company since its founding, with a combined nearly two decades of expertise in the hosting industry. Their passion and experience guarantee that services are rendered not just correctly but also more effectively than by any other supplier.

The business recently became a part of the Green Power Partnership of the US EPA. Every year, it uses millions of kilowatt-hours of renewable energy to meet more than 100% of its electrical needs. Maintaining environmental sustainability is still of utmost importance.

Hosting a website for a business is considered a big responsibility. For many clients, their website serves as their only source of income or their only avenue for communication with clients; it is their business. Through its extensive, user-friendly dashboard, the company strives for 100% customer satisfaction at all times and guarantees each client dependable, responsive, and reasonably priced hosting services.

Dedicated Server Hosting Features offered by KnownHost:

Strong Servers with Adaptable Configurations

They offer strong servers with a range of programmable features designed to satisfy the demands of modern performance applications. Their reasonably priced dedicated servers offer a variety of configuration options to guarantee dependable performance and meet changing needs for intensive applications. Every server is custom-built.

Adaptable Bare Metal Structures

Their bare metal infrastructure is adjustable on their dedicated servers, offering a range of configuration options to accommodate diverse installations. These servers are especially well-suited for usage as application platforms or by users with heavy traffic. Depending on whether they require assistance or can handle the infrastructure on their own, clients can choose between managed and unmanaged services. Their choice of regular Intel CPUs, sturdy AMD EPYCs, and snappy Ryzen processors, paired with premium bandwidth and complete root access in a fully dedicated facility, ensures that client programs run well in any capacity that may be needed.

Available in Custom Configurations

Clients are invited to discuss their needs if they do not see what they need to be mentioned or if they have an idea for a more personalised configuration. Tailored storage options and custom configurations for multiple deployments are available upon request.

Upgrades for Personalised Storage Setups

To satisfy certain storage requirements, they can set up bespoke storage configurations with a range of SSD and SATA drives in addition to hardware and software RAID setups.

External Storage for Data Protection

They provide premium storage services that boost data security by adding an extra layer of external backup for dedicated servers. For about $20 a month, you can get 1TB of storage with these services.

24/7/365 Fully Managed Expert Support

Their server administration and support staff, which are based in Alabama (USA), offer quick initial answers and act as an extension of the client’s business, always willing to help.

Having Business-Grade Hosting Offers You an Advantage

High-end parts meant to provide organisations with a competitive edge are what tech aficionados consider to be a cutting-edge technological fantasy when assembled into their dedicated servers.

IPv6 Interoperability

Multiple IPv4 or IPv6 addresses are available for dedicated hosting from them. When placing an order for a server, clients can specify what they require, and the required configurations will be applied accordingly.

Free Assist for Migration

Their skilled technical personnel can perform site migration for clients who don’t have the confidence or time to do it themselves. A managed, hands-off file migration is part of this service, which helps clients save important time.


Your website or application can reach the dependability, enhanced performance, scalability, strong security, and support required to prosper in the cutthroat online market of today with a high-performance dedicated server and trustworthy providers. These are the top ten dedicated server hosting companies in India. Your business will undoubtedly be empowered and online experiences will be improved by their comprehensive security features, rapid technical support, customisable server configurations, and regulatory compliance.

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