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A shared hosting is web hosting service where many websites reside on one web server connected to the internet. This method is generally most economical option for hosting. By choosing shared hosting, the website will shared a physical server with one or more other websites. [Ref -Wikipedia]

This article is discussing who the top shared hosting company in Noida are. Before that we need to see the factors about shared hosting.

1. Cost

Cost is one of the important factor in Shared hosting. With the help of cost we can compare one company with another company. And most importantly with the help of cost we can get profit in our business.

We come to expensive web hosting providers. On your website need you can choose several plan and hosting type.Shared hosting is most affordable hosting option for websites that are just starting out.Once your website grown and start getting more traffic you can upgrade your hosting plan or switch with another hosting type viz. eWebguru.

2. Uptime

Your business and website are good only when it will visible 24\7 for users. Website inaccessibility will create problem for your business and might users will not return on your website again.

          For these reason, it is important your website has a high uptime. Its impossible to offer web host at time, because of some time it faces genuine server or hardware issue.

3. Security

Website security is another important factor in shared hosting. If your web host isn’t secure chances are your website won’t be either. You must ensure that your web hosting provider is a hosted on ‘HTTPS’ and has an ‘SSL certificate’ installed.SSL certificate will protect from hackers and other malicious attack.

4. Customer Support

Customer is a backbone of any business. So, if any company successfully satisfies their customer then you can get success in your business. Most of the time hosting providers does offer 24\7 support over tickets, live chat and call. We advice you truly available at the time they have mentioned on their website.

5. Scalability

Scalability is last but important factor of shared hosting. You may built a plan to scale and grow. With this assumption you will get success to grow website, which eventually translates to more traffic and content, Scalability is important.

Now, let’s see comparison between few companies,

DiskUnlimited100 GBNot disclosed100 GB
Domain parkUnlimited11Unlimited
DatabaseUnlimited10 DatabaseNot disclosedUnlimited

Let’s Decide who is Best Shared Hosting Company in Noida.

eWebGuru Linux Hosting

eWebGuru Linux Hosting plans are well crafted to serve different needs. While comparing with other hosting providers we found eWebGuru Shared hosting plan of Rs 1990 per year is best for starting websites.

With one click you can install many applications like WordPress, Drupal, Magneto and many others. Linux shared hosting is cheapest yet secure hosting type for beginners. In this price range you get unlimited database, bandwidth and disk space which is pretty expensive on other hosting portals.

Godaddy Linux Hosting

Godaddy is one more top hosting brand in Noida. They are offering Rs 2628 per year plan for single website. They offer 100 GB storage space, unlimited bandwidth as well as 10 database. This plan is also popular for beginners.

GoDaddy has many other plans in lower price too but all comes for single website. This plans are not suitable for multiple website and website with larger database and storage requirements. If you are looking for best Shared hosting in Noida Godaddy is good option after eWebGuru Hosting.

Hostgator Linux Hosting

Hostgator a global hosting brand offers linux hosting for Rs 2640 Per year for single website. Disk space and database limit is not disclosed by the company in plan.

While choosing hosting we need to see whether all features are clearly disclosed or not. We must see bandwidth, disk space, domain park limit etc main features are clearly defined.

Hostgator also offers other few plans for linux hosting. Hostgator is good but expensive Shared hosting company in Noida.

Bluehost Linux Hosting

Bluehost is globally recognized hosting provider. But when we compare their Rs 2320 per year plan with limited resources we feel it is expensive. They offer only 100 GB disk space in this yearly linux hosting plan so if you need more space and multiple sites this is not suitable choice.

Why not to fall for Free SSLs?

You will find many hosting providers offers free SSL with shared hosting. We recommend not to choose shared hosting plans for free SSLs only because in shared hosting’s nominal price its impossible to provide quality and highly secured SSL. You can easily install Free SSL in any hosting plan. So always look for factors we mentioned above.

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