5 Best Ways To Find Out Who Is The Owner Of The Domain Name

We understand the amount of time that goes into searching domain names with the help of multiple suggestion tools. Just when you think you have finally found the most desirable domain name, you discover that it has been claimed. It can be quite difficult sometimes. However, here are some helpful tips that might come in handy when searching for a domain name. 

There are multiple reasons why someone would start looking for a domain name. It might be for an investment purpose or to start a new website. In some cases, the owner of the website barely uses the website and if you can make an attractive offer they might be willing to sell. It is definitely worth trying if you are really interested in a particular domain name.

Find Out Who Is The Owner Of The Domain Name

First and foremost before you even start thinking of buying a domain name you need to find out who the actual owner of that domain name is and then start from there. Here are some ways to get that information. You can do so by visiting the website and find out if the domain name is for sale. You will be able to acquire the necessary information required to contact the seller. In other cases, the domain name might be active and you can still gather the owner information on the websites about or contact page. Hopefully this way you might be able to get the domain name that you have been searching for. 

Look Into The WHOIS Directory

You can also collect the domain-related information by accessing the WHOIS directory. When an owner registers a domain name, their information is collected and submitted in the WHOIS database. So by accessing the WHOIS directory you can find out who owns the website. Once you enter the name of the domain in the WHOIS directory, you might find out the owner’s contact information. Even if it does not consist of the owner’s contact information, you can still find out whether the domain is going to be up for renewal or not in the domain registrar. In which case you might be able to buy the domain at a cheaper rate. 

Get In Touch With The Domain Registrar

These days certain domain registrars do not provide the name of the owner in the WHOIS directory in order to maintain privacy for the owner. So you might not be able to get the owner’s contact information from the WHOIS directory. But you can still find out the information regarding the domain registrar with whom the website has been registered. Then you can contact the domain registrar through email and they might be able to contact the domain owner on your behalf and find out if they are interested in selling. 

Get In Touch With The Domain Owner

Once you get hold of the domain owner information. Then it is time to send them an email showcasing your interest in the domain name. Make sure that you use professional language or else it might come across as spam. Try to use a professional email address with a domain name or you can simply use your Gmail address. Your email should include certain information such as your contact information and the fact that you are interested in buying the domain name. Try not to make an offer until the negotiation. 

You Can Also Hire An Domain Broker

Sometimes you might find it difficult to get a hold of the domain owner information or you are simply new to this. In such cases, you can always hire a domain broker who will be able to provide professional assistance in acquiring the domain that you are looking for. They will not only help you in getting the best bargain, but they will also help you to stay away from any frauds who pose as brokers online. They will also guide you through the procedure so you know exactly what’s happening. 

You Might Want To Come Up With a New Domain Name

If you fail to acquire the domain name that you are searching for. Then you don’t have to be disappointed you can always start looking for a new domain name. If the .com is not available go for the .net or .co continue to come up with new domain names. Sometimes you might come up with a far much more attractive domain name then what you did before. 

In Conclusion

Finding a domain name is a difficult ordeal. Due to the abundance of websites on the world wide web, it is always going to be quite challenging. However, if you don’t give up and continue to come up with new ideas and make little adjustments here and there you just might get what you need. 

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