Why Managed dedicated server hosting is the Optimal Solution for your business?

The website is becoming the most essential one for any business people. One of the major concerns of any start-up companies or mid-size organizations is to get any secured dedicated server hosting that can hold a huge number of data which means a larger storage capacity and bandwidth.  But setting up such a server by owning it is not that easy as it is time-consuming and pretty much expensive. That is the major reason why most of the present-day companies prefer outsourcing the server from third-party service providers. That is also one of the main reasons why a managed dedicated server hosting is the optimal solution for your business.

Though there are numerous server providers available in this internet market, eWebGuru is the one that generally gives a fully managed dedicated server hosting with 100 percent uptime by decreasing the downtime of the servers. They also provide a way of saving the organization’s time, resources and make them generate revenue without any loss. Such providers give five major reasons for choosing fully managed dedicated servers.

Five Major Reasons to choose a dedicated server hosting for business

Dedicated server hosting
  • Reliability
  • Scalability
  • Flexibility
  • Security
  • Cost-Effective

1. Reliability

The third-party vendors provide fully managed dedicated servers for any organization with more reliability. The other shared servers have a major disadvantage of using it.  Whereas, it is a dedicated server that will give complete freedom of using the resources. The shared servers don’t guarantee to provide a full uptime service also they might share the data with the other systems and that is not in case of opting dedicated servers.


Business people should choose a fully managed dedicated server rather than the shared ones for their business operations since the dedicated servers provide a greater network bandwidth and additional storage space according to the demands. It makes people’s work easier and allows them to scale their business without any need of shifting to a different service provider. It also allows business organizations to process any type of data and applications according to the business need.


One of the major criteria, why the business chooses dedicated servers instead of shared one, is that the amount of flexibility it provides based on the business requirements. Business needs to choose a number of optimized solutions and application software to boost their server’s performance in the shared servers, to maintain the uptime of resource-intensive websites. However, this is not in case of the dedicated server since the whole website would be of the business’s domain and the people can themselves access related applications and software programs of their choice.


Security is one of the major features that need to be taken into account while choosing any dedicated server. Business people are recommended to go for dedicated servers since it is very less vulnerable to any cyber-attacks or hacking. It completely avoids the interactions with the suspicious website or the ones that have malicious content that may be installed in the PCs and might spoil the computer. It also helps to install security software.  It implements this feature by providing administrative access and allows continuous updates of security patches for the files and websites.


The shared servers and any physical servers are costly whereas the dedicated servers are cost-effective compared to others. A team of well-trained professionals takes care of the whole system of the servers virtually. People might get software like Hyper-V, AWS, and VMware without paying an extra cost.  Many dedicated servers hosting providers across the globe provide features like caching software, well-maintained spam control and Unique IP address allocation of the websites.

As per the eWebGuru service provider, the dedicated servers ensure seamless business operations. It also configures and installs all the viable software applications that help the business to run its operations perfectly and smoothly. The dedicated server mostly focuses on a particular task. Hence it can minimize any lag in the business operations. Apart from the downtime, a dedicated server also provides a faster way to access the resources.

The retrieval time of any data in the dedicated server is faster compared to the shared servers since it is maintained by a single large entity like the small business organizations. The way to run a business effectively is to choose the single dedicated server rather than the shared one since the latter holds many disadvantages at the side.

Best Advice to Choose Affordable Ecommerce dedicated server Hosting Solution

Nowadays, Dedicated server hosting providers offer multiple tools that you need to create a great website, whether you having coding knowledge or a total beginner. Around 80% of customers utilize the internet to look for items and administrations they require before they make a buy. Most clients today will accept your organization has a website and may look for your business just to discover you don’t exist on the internet. The vast majority of your rivals presumably as of now have a site. Try not to give them a chance to grab your clients away by not having your own particular organization site. So that customer needs a professional web development company and website developer to promote your brand or company.

eCommerce dedicated server hosting Providers To Supercharge Your Store

Dedicated server hosting

When you are looking for the perfect eCommerce dedicated server hosting provider, there are two main things you need to look out for is speed and reliability. dedicated server Hosting means an event or a program or to accumulate some electronic data on a computer connected to the internet. Software distribution provides all essential source code to allow itself to be recompiled from the score. There are many types of hosting services include web hosting, one-click hosting, shared web hosting…etc these are the most very hosting services. Web hosting services means it is a type of internet services that allow folks and organization to make their web site reachable using the web.  

The dedicated server hosting provides physical space that the server takes up the data from the server. The most exclusive type of web hosting service it provides slight support straight for the client’s machine for storage of data in the server. The client will have used own admin visit data center on the website to do any upgrades, changes.

The hosting platform allows customers to view dependable hosting based on clustered server and billing. Local power disruptions may change are less challenging for cloud data sites as hosting is used. The reasons are little business will improve reliability, a site spares you cash, it will empower you to keep your clients educated, it is constantly open, a site makes it conceivable to focus on a more extensive market, it gives a medium on which to feature your work, and it enhances client benefit.

We can host any kind of eCommerce websites in the right VPS hosting platform. The proficient eCommerce websites developed in technology like Magento, PHP, WordPress. Great websites get adulation where the awesome sites get business. Try not to give your Web site a chance to be simply one more URL on the web. The developers can enable it to be an intense promoting medium to draw in planned clients. All plan designs are created from the ground up, meeting the demanding guidelines you request. Their outstanding abilities in website design improvement guarantees that your site positions well on web search tools.

Easy and Affordable eCommerce Web Hosting Provider

Almost, the trustworthy Web hosting providers offer whatever you need, including hosting, templates and more, or you can integrate them into your existing website. Most of these offer payment gateways and use of client credit card services, as well as allow you to use PayPal. Some charge transactions or set-up fees and others do not matter. The eCommerce based web server is highly accessible by different providers with fewer services some times by advertisements often fractional when compared to paid hosting services.

A lot of companies may use the system as a website host to provide details of their services and conveniences for orders. This facility allows customers to write and install codes for applications like a forum. In general, all domains may share a common server resource. One-click hosting also known as cyberlocker basically it explains web services that permit internet users to simply upload one or more files from their hard drives. Various services simply return a link that can be given to extra people who can then fetch the file later.

Dedicated server

How do I host multiple websites on a Dedicated server hosting?

For exclusive hosting, dedicated server hosting is a substantial investment for any business, but an investment that is sure to pay off in the times to come. The question here is, how? Augmented speeds, secure hosting, and superior performance will not only enhance your website to be user-friendly but will lay a path for increased traction and sales.

Don’t believe the hypes and industry experts? Well, the stats don’t lie. Studies reveal that around eighty percent of online shoppers opt-out from proceeding and completing the sale because of substandard website performances. It is unlikely for those internet users to return to the website again. Also, loading issues resulting in time-out causes at least seven percent of loss in sales conversion.

It is understandable to think that dedicated servers are beyond your budget and might end up as an expensive investment. You might feel otherwise, after doing the math of your current shared setup, as chances are that it is already burning your wallet much more in the end.

Finding the hosting service and plan that fits your needs can be taxing, as there are a plethora of options to consider. Money is likely to play a crucial role in your decision making since dedicated hosting varies extensively in cost. Here are some of the most vital factors:

  • The hosting plan matters.

For example, on the first look, dedicated hosting spaces are quite expensive when compared to shared hosting.

  • The total number of websites to be hosted matters.

If more than one website should be hosted, dedicated plans are adept at handling the load.

  • The amount of assets matters.

Bandwidth and storage options are to be considered depending on the resources held by the website.

  • The additional perks and features.

Additional features like Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate, dedicated Internet Protocol (IP), Content Delivery Network (CDN), and more are useful investment features to consider.

In this article, we will cover most topics related to dedicated servers and what’s fair pay.

Dedicated server hosting

What is a Dedicated Server hosting?

Let us begin with the basics. A hosting plan is nothing but the space that houses your website and showcases it the masses via the internet. There are various types of hosting spaces, but the most popular models are Shared Hosting, Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting, and Dedicated Server Hosting.

Without a zilch of a doubt, shared hosting is the most affordable and prominent option, despite snagging several downfalls. Too many crowded websites hosted by a physical server lack the spectrum to serve them all the same time, and hence resulting in decelerated speeds and, eventually, downtime. The biggest downside is that if one of the websites is affected by malware like Trojan horses, worms, spyware, and viruses, other websites housed in the same space might feel the impact as well.

VPS occupies the middle ground. Although your website sits in a shared space with other websites, certain portions of your resources are left dedicated, enabling comparatively speedy performance.

Dedicated hosting, on the other hand, is a dedicated physical machine for the website. You are the exclusive user, and it lets you customize the space in any which way, including choice of software and hardware configuration. Also, since no other website is sharing the RAM and bandwidth, the performance is sublime, ensuring faster loading times.

Do You Really Require a Dedicated Server hosting?

Think a dedicated server sounds excellent, but still not sure that you need one? Consider this:

By now, you would have realized that dedicated hosting is the best in the business. But are you sure you need one? You should consider if the following parameters matter to you.

  • Website Traffic – If your business has risen to a point where you cannot tolerate regular outages and loading issues, dedicated servers are your best choice.
  • Page Load Times – If you are concerned about the high number of visitors who click the back button or leave abruptly without completing the reason they visited the website, loading issues are to blame. A dedicated server hosting solves this puzzle.
  • Increased Security – In shared spaces, your website is vulnerable to attacks from malicious software, maybe because of the sites in the vicinity. Dedicated servers, to an extent, negate the security threat posed by third parties.
  • Quick Assistance – You are bound to receive extra focused customer support from the hosting provider. Dedicated servers help you feel pampered and taken care of in the hosting arena.

What Should You Pay?

As one can envisage, dedicated server hosting comes with expensive price tags, which primarily depend on the hosting provider and the bells and whistles in the plan you enroll. Plans range from $100 to around $2000 per month. Choosing the dedicated server hosting will help the website owners to host their eCommerce website or any kind of web applications without any hesitation.

Although they seem like quite a hefty investment, if your website’s traction is on the higher side, you can feel guaranteed that you have made the right investment. The improved performance, security features, and options to personalize mean that it is an investment that is bound to pay for itself with time.

There are many web hosting companies available to benefit website owners by hosting any kind of website on their server. You can find many companies will provide limited services to their customers where there is no chance for the customers to host their website as per their convenient. Choosing the right service provider like eWebGuru will help you to make the website live always. The reason is that the website hosting provided by a particular service provider has extended bandwidth and very good support. If you face any kind of issue in the hosting then it will be sorted out within a few minutes. Such kind of support can’t be provided by service providers which are the real success of this ewebguru web hosting firm.  Moreover, the costing of a dedicated server hosting is completely less when compared to other service providers which are the most notifying ones.

web hosting

Is it possible to host multiple Python web sites on a single Dedicated server or VPS hosting?

Yes! You can do host multiple Python powered web sites on a single dedicated server hosting or a single VPS hosting. However, you should be very cautious in picking the right web hosting service provider because many Web Hosting company does not offer such a service. Before getting in-depth on why hosting companies not offer Python service, let talk about what Python does.

What is Python?

Well, many might aware that Python is an object-oriented programming language but not aware that it is a mixed programming paradigm. Python is the best option for programmers who like to mix an object-oriented approach with structured programming languages.

Unlike other programming languages, Python codes are so simple and easy to understand by all. Inexperienced programmers can be prolific in handling Python programming codes at ease. Also, the functional features of the programming language Python can be extended by using various add-on functions, which are highly used in C or C++ programming languages.

When compared with other programming languages, the Object-Oriented Programming Language Python is easy to learn and its cross-platform ability makes it a more favorable programming language for the developers.

 VPS hosting

Famous Websites Built Using Python

In today’s internet, you can easily spot tens of thousands of Python powered websites. Python is considered as the powerful programming language for both beginners and as well among the seasoned developers.

Even today, many popular businesses considered Python as their favorite programming language for their official website’s back-end process. Here are the list of few popular websites utilizes the benefits of Python even today.

  1. Instagram
  2. Google
  3. Spotify
  4. Netflix
  5. Uber
  6. Dropbox
  7. Pinterest
  8. Instacart
  9. Reddit
  10. Lyft

Apart from that Python plays a vital role in websites like YouTube, Google, NASA, and CERN. This information listed above clearly tells you the establishment of the programming language Python Worldwide.

Python in Web Hosting

Site owners can get a lot of options when it comes to picking Python hosting. Besides, Python hosting requires a significant level of care to have non-messy hosting. While picking a Python hosting, site owners or webmasters need to be more careful about picking the right plans, especially in case of selecting long-term hosting plans.

The reason why we are mentioning this here is, the programming language Python has a history of reputation with the complaint of being ‘slow’. However, there are various tutorials, book and online classes can be effective to make it quickly. Apart from slowness, Python language is so good. It is ideal for VPS hosting web apps and more.  

VPS hosting for python?

The reason for Python being so good for web development is mainly for the easiness of creating codes and having a lot of built-in support for HTTP & SQL database integrations. Besides, it can be used in building advanced and sophisticated applications.

Python Features and its Functions

  • Clean Programming Syntax – Owing to that beginners and seasoned programmers feel ease to learn Python and to write codes.
  • Cross-Platform Functioning – Because of that, Python empowered applications can run in various server operating system
  • Python has a lot of Support – As a reason, big companies like YouTube, Google, NASA, CERN, and so uses Python
  • Lots of Frameworks Options – Because of frameworks, developers feel easy to develop web applications

Why Some Web Hosting Service Provider Don’t Offer Python?

You can find many host providers do not offer Python on their hosting plans, especially those who offer shared hosting options for hosting client’s websites. Also, few hosting providers do support Python but limit its usages for specific situations.

The reason behind this, usage of Python can slow down the entire host server. Yes! You read it right, inexperienced programmers who develop ineffective Python app can significantly slow down the entire host server. In addition, malicious programs created in Python can affect a shared environment easily. In the case of a dedicated server and VPS hosting, Python requires regular maintenance since the chances of getting trouble is high.

Bottom Line

Although Python has a lot of benefits when it comes to web development it’s up to the programmer to use it wisely to create effective applications else it will affect the entire host server. Owing to that, many hosting companies do not support Python, particularly those who offer shared hosting.

Dedicated server

What is the difference between cloud-hosting & server-based hosting?

Hosting is necessary for every website, and it is one of the essential things you’ve probably never heard of until you find yourself in need of it. To be viewed on the internet, cloud-hosting is best for a high traffic website.

Over the years, Technology has come a long way. In terms of our ability to connect with others, it’s hard to believe how far we have come. When it comes to technology, change is the only constant as with all things in life. Within a short time, we have witnessed a technological evolution like it was yesterday. We can’t imagine how things were ten years back. We don’t know exactly what it is while we have witnessed it and probably done it. Yes, we are discussing cloud technology. It has been around for quite some time now. Unknowingly through Amazon, Gmail, Google Docs, and more, we have been using cloud technology, and yet we know very little about it.

Why Cloud-Hosting?

Meanwhile, cloud-hosting providers will take away all the above worries. It is now widely used by businesses so that they can be responsible for maintaining and managing the server. So, Businesses can be responsible for maintaining and managing the server. They will also troubleshoot all technical problems so that the site does not slow down. Cloud-hosting is super-fast and much more reliable and compiled of lots of different servers.

However, many businesses prefer server-based hosting especially dedicated servers hosting for their business website. Just as the cloud-hosting, dedicated server or a server-based hosting option to have its own set of advantages when it comes to hosting a business site.

Why Server Hosting?

For a company, the offsite management of hardware is known as Server hosting. Server hosting is dedicated to hosting a website. For hosting sites, files, games, images, etc., you need Server-based hosting. You can share hosting services amongst many users and when it is shared hosting or dedicated to only one client known as dedicated hosting. For large e-commerce websites, dedicated server hosting is especially useful that needs more bandwidth and disk storage space.

Therefore, Server hosting ensures that your business can take advantage of a complete IT infrastructure. There is no need to pay for all the costs that are needed to buy equipment, maintaining them, training staff to use them, and also for installing regular updates. If you are a business owner and want independently host your website, you need to hardware, install it, equip it with stringent security measures, and for optimal functioning, need to maintain.

Do you know the difference between cloud-based and server-based? Let’s take a look at it.

Cloud-Based and Server Based: Know the difference

1. Meaning

Cloud manages the servers and network infrastructure management, and it is everywhere. Be it applications, resources, or services, you can’t ignore cloud, and through web-based tools via the Internet, it is available to the users on-demand, as opposed to a direct connection to the server. Everything from applications to data centers to services is found in the cloud, so it is called “cloud computing.”

The server provides services to other computer programs and their users while it is a computer program. In Server-based computing, applications get implemented, controlled, and operated. Everything is done on the server rather than the client.

2. Technology

Based on network technology, the cloud is a pool of dynamically configured shared resources where each user has access to its private resource called cloud. A third-party cloud service provider offers it. You will get computing resources over the internet by cloud service providers, which can be further accessed through a web browser.

On the other hand, Server-based computing refers to technology. Here a device or a program is known as a server. It is designed for managing network resources. Made by another program, or can say as a client, the servers accept and respond to requests.

3. Application

A cloud-based application operates in the cloud space as it is a software program or application. It means the program is running on a cloud infrastructure and through a web browser or a program interface, can be accessed over the internet by various computing devices. On a private cloud, you can install the cloud application.

While a server-based application is such a thing that is stored on a remote server and through a browser interface such as a web browser, it can be accessed. Sharing resources or data among clients, you will be benefited from the services provided by the servers along with data access and persistence.

Getting Appropriate web Hosting From a Reliable Host Provider

Though both hosting options have its own benefits when it comes to hosting a business website, site owners and webmasters need to ensure about picking appropriate hosting plans from a reliable host provider for availing all those benefits.

In the developing countries like India, picking a reliable host provider from the available bunch of hosting companies is not that easy as many think. It requires proper research and guidance from experienced people to pick the right host provider.

eWebGuru – The Most Trusted Web Hosting Company in India

Being in the hosting industry for the past 15+ years, eWebGuru manages to gain a high level of reputation among its customers by offering quality web solutions for affordable rates.

eWebGuru offers a wide range of hosting plans under cloud hosting and also on all its server-based hosting plans. All those plans include various hosting features, which is hard to find with other host providers.


We get that between a cloud-based application and server or web-based application, there is a thin line, and the border remains a blur as ever. In terms of functionality, they possess a lot of similarities. Still, there are noteworthy differences as well, especially for the redundancy when it comes to using cloud applications rather than using it for computing power. The cloud-based program runs on the internet. With online storage space and remote access, everything that is tagged as a cloud product is software-as-a-service, while Server-based applications are running on the server only.

Web hosting Security Facts – you should need to know

Finding the right Web hosting with proper security features plays a bigger impact on your site performance in the World Wide Web. To find predicting the right set of Web Hosting Security in today’s world has become more complicated.

In modern days, websites often become more vulnerable to hackers and intruders to steal user’s data. In addition, few hackers primarily intended to do identity theft on the internet.

web hosting

Why web Hosting Security is Essential for all Sites?

Well, you might think that this web hosting security is essential for business or eCommerce site or sites, which deals with any financial transactions and so. However, you are wrong, data breaches are something that not everyone not aware of its vulnerability.

The Internet has no border that is its greatest strength but now its strength has turned as its weakness. The structure of the internet allows anyone from the world to access it, by using that feature people from anywhere in the world can able to view or intrude your personal details. Thus, it makes the internet a much more dangerous place to all.

Even if your site has nothing to do, cybercriminals can still make use of your site as the window for attacking other sites that are hosted on your hosting server. Besides, by using your site hackers and intruders can able to access your site viewer’s home personal computer that might lead to a devastating attack for individuals.

By keeping all those in mind, you should keep looking for a secure web hosting solution for hosting your website. Here in this article, the top 10 web hosting security checklist to be carried in this 2019 has been listed for your reference.

Web Hosting Security Checklist 2019

1. Site Backups

Having an automated site backup feature along with an easy restoring option has become inevitable for the host providers to sustain in today’s heavy competitive hosting industry. With such automated backup and easy restore, the feature will eventually reduce your site downtime during the problematic days.  

2. Monitoring Server Network

Network monitoring is one of the basic activities carried by almost every host provider and ensures having a threat-free server network for their clients. In most cases, these operations are carried on an automatic basis and it is important for you to discuss with your host provider on having all the latest control and monitoring tools to detect and blocking any unusual traffic or activities taken place on the host server.

3. Firewalls and DDoS Prevention

If you own a WordPress site, then you might be in the fear of receiving DDoS because all over the world WP sites potentially receive DDoS attacks from hackers. With the DDoS attack, your site will receive a high amount of traffic and it literally shut down your site completely. So, discuss with your host provider on having a standard Firewalls and DDoS prevention techniques.  

4. Antivirus & Predicting Malicious Activities

It does not matter whether it is your personal computer or a hosting server having a legitimate strong antivirus with the ability to predicting and blocking all those malicious activities is essential in this digital world. Discuss with your host provider on having strong antivirus software and unique malware defense system along with the feature of altering and deleting the malicious files.

5. Secure FTP

Almost every host provider offers you FTP access, however, SFTP Secure version of FTP often get ignored by several host provider around the world. FTP access plays a vital role in transferring large files to your host server from your local system. So, having a secured FTP is one of the essentials to safeguard your site.

6. Spam Filtering

You may think, as a spam attack is not a potential threat for your site but if your site receives a huge flood of spam it might lead to DDoS attack. Therefore, it is wise to consult with your host provider to have a legitimate anti-spam filter for your site.

7. Internal Security

Well, this might not include your hosting package from your host provider. However, every business owner or site owners need to ensure having proper internal security feature of your host server. Internal security is something that ensures your host server protected from the vulnerable attack. With such security features, the entire host server will get constant updates on its security patches along with the latest security tools.

8. SSH or Security Socket Layer (SSL)

In the world of networking, one cannot ignore the benefits of utilizing a security socket layer (SSL) protocol at the system administrator end and at the developer’s end. Establishing SSH or SSL connection at your hosting server will offer an encryption technique of all the data transactions carried in-between your site and to the host server. Owing to that, it will be impossible for hackers to breach the data transfers to your server.

9. Access Restrictions

A reliable host provider must possess the feature of restricting users or malicious individuals from access secure data or information on a hosted website on their server. To be frank, modern host providers provide a disabling login privilege by blocking the user’s IP address who tries to access the secure data of a hosted website without legal permission.  

10. Regular Updates

Well, in the hosting industry, one needs to ensure about getting regular updates in all aspects including all those plug-ins, web applications, CMS updates, and so. By doing so, you can ensure locking all those loopholes and security vulnerabilities from the older versions of such software.

To be frank, a reliable web hosting service provider must do such updates on an automatic basis in order to ensure offering a stable and secure hosting solution for their clients.

Bottom Line:

Well, the above-listed points might give enough guidelines for judging needed web hosting security features on your web hosting. It is important for all site owners to discuss and ensure the presence of these security features on its hosting solution. By doing so, you can ensure having a safe and secure web hosting solution for your website.

Pay Less For More – How to Find Cheap Web Hosting that Doesn’t Suck! 1

Pay Less For More – How to Find Cheap Web Hosting that Doesn’t Suck!

Over the years hosting prices have changed to great extent. Today’s scenario is different than what was in the year 2000 and thereafter. Cost graph to host a website has taken a southward graph in recent years. The number of hosting services has increased several folds too. But the biggest question is how to find cheap web hosting from the crowd. How to pay less for more should be the focus consideration while choosing the right provider. Below are some proven guidelines to follow:

Choose wisely

It is strictly suggested not to change hosting provider frequently. It will be a burden and to cost you more too. Even though some of the service providers offer cheapest rates, but do know that purchasing domain costs lest on an existing account.

Have room to spare

Do know that digital space is unpredictable. Prepare yourself for the worst scenario. Don’t get overboard. Have enough leeway for the allotted bandwidth. A research reveals there are 7 percent decrease in eCommerce conversions with a single second delay in page response. So, better uptime is needed from hosting provider and you don’t lose your potential leads. Downtime impacts overall traffic and abreast of it to cost you some lost sales. Apart from all these, your website will get bad impression on search engine rankings.

Website security

According to a report about 30,000 websites are hacked every day. This means protection should be given priority while choosing a hosting provider. Some service providers offer bot-operated security checks while several other comes with DDoS protection feature. There are many with their own kind of security measures. Here you need to also consider getting a spare backup of all the website data. Check out what is the backup duration of the service provider. Usually it is weekly and some also take the data backups on daily basis.


Apart from all these, cheap web hosting mostly offer shared web hosting where multiple websites are hosted on a single server. However, this is the riskiest as resources can be affected and security can be compromised. Dedicated web hosting is completely different. Your website will be hosted on a single server. It is not so cheap. Virtual private server (VPS) is similar to shared hosting but more stable as your website will get dedicated computing resources.


eWebGuru is one of the best hosting providers and over the years have emerged to be the most popular too. It may not be the cheapest, but offers best value for money. Its prices are completely tailored and suits need of various website owners. It is completely secured with advanced security features and offers 99.99% uptime. It comes with money-back guarantee policy and provides more bandwidth than needed. It is a complete solution to all type of websites either it is a corporate website or ecommerce. It is 100% reliable. It is a cheap web hosting service provider that does not suck at all.

Ewebguru: How to load website fast 2

Ewebguru: How to load website fast

The first and foremost effort after a website is made is to make it load fast, if possible super fast, on browser. Here we have compiled some of the best ways how to do so and before we proceed further, it is important to note that eWebGuru follows strict principle to make your website run faster.

Content delivery network

In common term it is called as CDN. It is a collection of servers across the globe which shares static files of websites like JavaScript or CSS and delivers to the server that is nearest to physical location of user. This networking system helps in loading website content including videos faster. Usually such setup is practiced by larger websites to ensure visitors get their content loaded faster from any corner of the world.

Adaptive images

This part is important. It helps to great extent in loading website faster. Start using Adaptive, Picturefill or other such tools for images to save bandwidth and help the website to load fast. There is another way too. Adopt new images in formats like JPeg XR or WebP to help cut the weight of images by about 20-50 percent. These tools don’t compromise with the quality of images.


Plugins are important features for any website to enhance user experience but the functionality sometimes slow down the loading speed. First thing to do is remove outdated plugins from the website. More to this, always try to use those plugins which are proven by webmasters’ community as using less lagging.

Compress content

Compressing content is a good trick in making website load faster without compromising with the quality. Usually servers do the job with the help of GZIP compression algorithm. If not, find compressor services online that removes unnecessary spaces and characters across the CSS and HTML codes.

Minify CSS and JavaScript

There are certain dedicated tools like CSS Minifier/Compressor that helps in removing unnecessary extra space, line breaks and other such bytes eating issues from the website.

Configure expires headers

Usually website files get stored on the computer visitors to make loading of website faster in the next visit, but the expiration date in the file header is set to 24 hours by default. Increase it or set it to never expire. This feature does not impact the server and page load time.

Hosting package

At last do check the hosting package. Sometimes a simple tweak at this end helps the website to load faster. If your website is using typical shared hosting account in which dozens of other websites are hosted, the load time could be affected. Consider dedicated hosting and have access to the server or a Virtual Private Server alone. Apart from these you can also opt for migrating your website to Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), which enables faster and predictable performance. It also cuts down bandwidth costs by up to 70 percent. It is suggested to host your website on eWebGuru as the server offers one of the fastest loading time in the industry.

Java hosting plans 2019 in India 3

Java hosting plans 2019 in India

Before you choose Java hosting plans 2019 in India it is suggested to understand what is Java hosting, who uses it and what are its advantages. It is better to know whether Java is perfect option for your website and how does the Java Server Pages (JSP) pages work before you book for a plan.

Here we will talk about all these before moving towards best Java hosting plans 2019 in India. Java is highly popular and mature too. It is a high level programming language. It is object-oriented, platform-independent, concurrent and class-based.

Similarly the Java hosting refers to such platform that supports java language. Today, most of the hosting platforms in India support it.

The Java hosting is perfect for such website developers who primarily depend on Java Server Faces (JSF), JSPs and Facelets to make the website. It is also perfect in the development of web-accessed applications with Java language.

In today’s web technology era JSPs are considered to be efficient and webmasters find it trouble-free in terms of cost and utilizing dynamic web development opportunities. It is perfect for those who are a beginner and planning to learn coding.

It is important to determine whether Java hosting is right for your website and how you plan with it your development goals. Do know that JSP is powerful and most commonly used web technology. JSP works perfect with hosting solutions designed for JSPs.

Below are some of the best Java hosting plans 2019 in India:


Popular with 99.99% uptime the eWebGuru is one of the leading Java hostings and offers tailored plans that suit the webmaster.


Bluehost supports JSP and Java applications. It features unlimited bandwidth, free domain name, 30 GB SSD storage and 2 GB of RAM.


FastComet hosting offers free domain for life, easy Java installer, free CloudFlare CDN and cPanel as well as Softaculous. Its price is competitive and claims 99.99 percent uptime.

Inmotion hosting

The Inmotion hosting comes with unlimited domains, 4 GB of RAM and 4 TB of bandwidth. The service providers offer free SSD and 3 IP addresses. It installs Node.js, Tomcat/JSP. It quotes competitive price and considered as one of the best.


HostGator is highly popular in India with its plans that suit all the webmasters. It offers good support on Java, JSP, JVAM and Tomcat. It comes with 120 GB of disk space, 15 TB bandwidth, 2 IP addresses and 2 GB of RAM2 Cores SPU. It claims to remain up for 99.99 percent.


The iPage hosting company guarantees free domain for lifetime and hosts unlimited domains. Its feature is to offer 1 TB bandwidth, 1 GB of RAM, 40 GB of RAM and 40 GB of storage space.


PetCow too is one of the best Java hosting service provider offering 40 GB storage space, 1 GB of RAM and 30-day money back guarantee. It has 99.99 percent uptime fame in the market.

Best Wordpress hosting India | Safe & High Speed 4

Best WordPress hosting India | Safe & High Speed

The first and foremost thing to look while hosting a website is speed. The website should load quickly and it is important to pay attention to such feature of a WordPress hosting company though most of us overlook it and regret later.

Here, first we will discuss why to choose best WordPress hosting company in India which is safe and high speed as well and thereafter which are the best WordPress hosting service providers in India.

Fast WordPress hosting offers good user experience by loading everything of the website fast and increases conversion rate. It helps the website to rank good on Google’s organic search and assist you in your SEO, SMM and SMO efforts.

Before you choose one of the best WordPress hosting companies it is important to check the below three most vital factors:

Server speed – It refers to website load time.
Server uptime – The service provider should offer at least 99.99% uptime.
Customer/technical support – The customer/technical support team should be available across day and night.

Below are four best WordPress hosting service providers in India which offers fast and reliable hosting solutions:

eWebGuru WordPress hosting

eWebGuru is one of the best WordPress hosting service providers offering reliable hosting solution at affordable price and facilitating round-the-clock helpline. It guarantees 99.99% uptime and offers blazing fast site load times. The service provider comes with easy to use cPanel and has best infrastructure in the industry. For beginners it offers the cheapest price and the free sitebuilder tool is like blessing to novices site owners. The company also offers money back guarantee to help site owners gain confidence and offers free SSL certificate.

Bluehost WordPress hosting

Bluehost lies in the top 3 list of best WordPress hosting in India and it is highly recommended to beginners as it is affordable features faster page loading time.

Bluehost WordPress hosting offers dynamic upgrade and comes with Integrated SiteLock features to keep your website secured. It is best known for keeping automatic backups and dedicated backup storage. It comes with free SSL certificate too.

Kinsta WordPress hosting

It is one of the fastest WordPress hosting servers and use Google Cloud platform infrastructure with all the right and required technology to ensure safety and security of the hosted websites.

Kinsta WordPress hosting offers user-friendly and custom admin dashboard instead of cPanel and creates a duplicate copy of the site to test changes. The hosting company has good support team to help you 24/7. It comes with free SSL too.


SiteGround too offers best WordPress hosting and at competitive prices. It comes with automatic updates feature and free SSL certificate. Its support team is helpful 24/7 through phone and email. It is one of the highly recommended service providers in India with money back and 99.99% uptime guarantees.