eWebGuru Launched Cloud Hosting Plans with NVMe SSD disk

press release on a company that launched cloud hosting plans with NVMe SSD disk

Noida (27/03/2024):- eWebGuru is creating a huge enhancement in their cloud hosting plans. NVMe SSD servers which are ultra-dependable are included in the existing plans. Hence, it brings good news for the resellers of web hosting. 

eWebGuru offers more dependable and agile hosting than traditional HDDs (Hard Disk Drives). That is with the help of the servers that are equipped with NVMe (Non-volatile Memory Express). With the help of this new form of servers, customers can expect 20 times more performance and speed than they ever experienced before. 

If you are a small business owner who manages several websites for your clients, Hosting Plans from eWebGuru offers the best deal in the market tailoring to your business needs and goals. With quicker transfer rates of data and elevated performance, resellers and freelancers can measure the operations of their websites. In this way, they can manage their clients, more profoundly along with maintaining cost-friendly solutions. 

According to the CEO, Ashok Arora, “We want our customers should focus on running their websites and their businesses. That is why we are always working to enhance our services with creative solutions that provide our customers the performance they are looking for.”

Features of the New Cloud Hosting Plans of eWebGuru:-

Cloud Hosting features
  • Unlimited accounts of Emails
  • Limitless Bandwith
  • Free SSL, Security Suite and IP(s) that are dedicated
  • WHMCS and cPanel for supporting many accounts
  • 24/7 technical assistance

If you are an agency owner or a freelancer who is looking forward to offering more services to your clientele, Cloud Hosting is a considerable tool for your businesses. With the upgrade to the storage of NVMe SSD, Cloud Hosting Plans from eWebGuru can provide more dependable and quick operations to the websites. It can be advantageous both for your businesses as well as for your clients. 

By joining hands with dependable cloud hosting providers like eWebGuru, freelancers and agency owners provide domains, web hosting, email services, and other solutions to your clients. Solutions that are generally related to websites. 

“We understand that the customers for this cloud hosting plan have requirements that are very unique.” adds Mr Arora. “The upgrades to this plan will assist customers with enhanced scalability, efficiency and performance.”

In brief, eWebGuru is dedicated to offering fast hosting experiences for customers and their businesses. For future-proofing their systems, eWebGuru is introducing a new top-notch plan and storage to NVMe SSD to most cloud hosting plans. 

Some more features that you can avail from this plan are as follows:-

  • Improved Security – Embedded and encrypted features along with modern protocols of security. It ensures sensitive data protection. It thus further offers peace of mind to the users.
  • Exceptional UX – The amalgamation of NVMe SSDs and the strong infrastructure of eWebGuru offers exceptional UX (User Experience) that also with a guarantee. It comes with improved responsiveness and less time for loading.

To explore more about a range of web hosting solutions and to know more about the web hosting plans of eWebGuru, please visit their website at www.ewebguru.com.

About eWebGuru

eWebGuru takes pride in offering cost-friendly web hosting services to several businesses around the world. Their affordable web hosting plans are suitable for startups as well as expert business owners. 

Offering a wide range of services, which also include cloud hosting, dedicated servers, shared hosting, registration of domains, and Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting. We are one of the topmost suppliers of solutions for web hosting. Focusing on efficiency, reliability, and providing satisfaction to clients. eWebGuru has created a name as a reliable partner for many businesses worldwide. To learn more, you can check the website: www.ewebguru.com.

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