Find Out Why Bloggers In India Are Unable To Access

Users in India are unable to access Google’s Users who regularly use the platform to post can no longer access their blogs. Web pages are no longer accessible within the Indian domain. Google has lost control over URLs

Users can access their blogs upon changing the URLs to instead of The main concern is that users who have shared links of domain those links are broken. 

According to the latest reports Google no longer owns There is not much information available regarding this incident. Users can however use their own domain until the issue is resolved.

According to the latest reports Blogspot is now owned by Domainming. Google acquired Blogspot in 2003 and it was part of Blogger. Domains are actually not associated with addresses but a redirect depending on the country of the user. A user in India will get a domain instead of

Blogger introduced URLs based on location only to comply with the local laws where the content is being viewed. Such content can be removed from certain domains and hence will be unavailable for the users. 

Blogging is no longer a hobby but an investment. The fact that Google did not inform the users nor send any notifications regarding the same has caused a huge problem for bloggers in the country.

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