The Top 5 AI WordPress Plugins for 2024

WordPress users are finding it more and more important to take advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) in today’s digital world, where speed and time management are important.  AI plugins for WordPress provide a wide range of features designed at improving efficiency and performance, from content generation to website maintenance. We’ll examine the best 5 AI plugins for WordPress in 2024 in this thorough guide, along with details on each one’s features, advantages, and applications.

The Significance of AI Plugins

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) in use worldwide, powering millions of websites. Its powers are enhanced by adding AI plugins, even if its adaptability and ease of use are unmatched. WordPress AI plugins are made to automate processes, improve user experience, optimise website performance, and streamline workflows. Whether you’re a developer, blogger, or company owner, adding AI plugins to your WordPress toolkit may greatly increase efficiency and production.

1. Al Engine (Free/Premium)- Best for integrating a chatbot similar to GPT into a WordPress website

Jordi Meaw created the relatively new plugin AI Engine, which is quickly gaining popularity. It has only received 5-star reviews on after 2000+ active installations, with users complimenting its uniqueness and seamless integration of AI with WordPress. 

You must generate an OpenAI key and enter it in the plugin’s settings in order to use AI Engine’s functionality. This enables you to integrate cutting-edge OpenAI technology into your website to add a smart chatbot and content generator. 

The main features of the AI Engine:

  • Easy-to-use interface for customizing chatbots and even endowing them with personalities; context awareness capabilities for chatbots; integrated analytics for tracking OpenAI usage;
  • AI Playground for discussion, translation, and correction; internal API to connect AI Engine to other plugins.

Price: The free version of AI Engine currently includes the majority of its capabilities. The Pro edition includes content-aware chatbots and a statistics module, and it starts at $29 per year for one site.


  • Best free chatbot for WordPress; modification possibilities for making own AI models; first-rate plugin developer assistance.


  • There are still some features in beta testing.

2. Bertha AI(Free/Premium)- perfect for using AI to create product descriptions for online merchants

Among the greatest AI helpers designed especially for WordPress users is Bertha AI, which makes use of OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model. Following the plugin’s installation and activation, a new animated character will appear in all text windows on your website, including the WordPress builder on the backend. From section headings to lengthy text blocks, Bertha AI can generate several suggestions for you and store all of the material it generates for future use. 

Bertha AI’s ability to automatically generate product descriptions that include long-tail keywords and SEO description tags is one of its strongest strengths; all it needs is the product name.

Key features of Bertha AI:

  • Generating images according to your description
  • Tool for rephrasing information
  • Suggestions for SEO keywords; and more than thirty pre-built content models.

Price: Most of the essential features are absent from the free edition. The cost of the premium edition is $450 annually. One-time payment options are also available: $25 for 10,000 produced words and $15 for 100 photos.


  • There are many AI tools for blogging
  • pay-as-you-go pricing choices, seamless connection with WordPress
  •  all the major page builders, and SEO plugins.


  • Pricey annual package
  • Lacks chatbot functionality compared to some other content AI WordPress plugins.

3. Tidio – Live Chat, Chatbots & Email Integration (Free/Premium)-  Suitable for controlling messages, chatbots, live chat, and emails from just one dashboard

This plugin offers an extensive plan for communication. Its goals are to increase sales by supplying automated chatbots with a wide range of useful templates and to improve the website’s customer service by providing several channels of connection. A drag-and-drop editor makes it simple to alter or even start from scratch when creating chatbot templates. 

With more than 100,000 active installations, Tidio is ranked among the top live chat plugins on

Key features of Tidio:

  • Utilizing a drag-and-drop visual editor to interact with chatbots; controlling all communication channels from a single panel
  • Chatbot templates for various scenarios to boost user involvement (cart saver, returning customers, etc.)
  • natural language processing (NLP) technologies to recognize commonly used terms and provide clients with straightforward answers; seven-day samples available for commercial subscriptions.

Prices: The free plan offers the majority of advanced capabilities, but it excludes chatbot templates and has a monthly visitor cap of 100. The annual cost of the paid plans is $190.


  • Advanced chatbot generator with an easy-to-use UI and management for automating sales and customer service


  • Lacks Twitter integration, one of the key communicators.

4. DocsBot AI (Free/Premium)- Recommended for adding a chatbot with questions and answers to your webpage

An easy-to-use app called DocsBot makes it simple and quick to integrate a chatbot into any website. Thanks to next-generation artificial intelligence, DocsBot is capable of handling support queries, creating content, responding to user inquiries, and much more. The plugin’s user-friendly UI and round-the-clock chatbot support make it simple to configure.

Key features of DocsBot:

  • Automatic help responses
  • Several language options
  • Configurable widgets

Price: Depending on the features you wish to add, the premium version might cost anywhere from $192 to $4992 a year. You may test out the essential features in the free version as well.


  • Automated chatbot help available around-the-clock
  • Easy chatbot integration via your website
  • Simple dashboard for managing your bot


  • Technical expertise may be required for both modification, as the majority of capabilities are exclusive to the commercial edition.

5. Formidable Forms (Free/Premium)-best for developing forms using AI

You may design any kind of form you require with Formidable Forms, including quizzes and contact forms. Additionally, you can guarantee a better user experience for your website visitors by simply adding an AI field in WordPress to any form that links to ChatGPT. It can simplify things by providing advice, making product recommendations, or presenting services.

Key features of Formidable Forms:

  • Integrates with other services (PayPal, CMS, email, etc.)
  • Permits complete form customization; builds quizzes, calculators
  • Other lead generating tools
  • Creates any kind of form for your website
  • Includes additional capabilities like user tracking, PDFs, and artificial intelligence.

Price: There is a limited selection in the free edition. Up to seven domains are included in the $199.50 annual fee for the premium AI services.


  • Provides a simple method for creating various form kinds and a strong AI field for improving your website.


  • There is a tiny learning curve with the plugin; the free version is limited.


Having the correct artificial intelligence plugins for WordPress is essential to creating and maintaining an effective website. The advancement of AI technology has made it indispensable in many sectors, including web development.

This post has examined the top 5 AI wordPress plugins for 2024 and explained how these machine-learning tools can completely change the process of creating websites. If your absence of knowledge of code is preventing you from designing creative websites, you should look into Ewebguru hosting for WordPress. Fast, trustworthy, and secure hosting is provided by Ewebguru managed WordPress hosting packages. You can be sure that your website will function properly when combined with these WordPress AI plugins. Select your plan and get started on developing or moving your website right now.

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