Top 4 Reasons Why You Need To Upgrade Your Hosting Plan

Top 4 Reasons Why You Need To Upgrade Your Hosting Plan 1

Nowadays websites look for hosting plans to get more out of their websites. Most of the businesses consider shared hosting as it is affordable. However, the lack of dedicated resources does take its toll over the performance of the website. The slow loading speed website is eventually going to hamper its popularity amongst the customers. 

Apart from that, you do not have the liberty to make changes in the environment as you find suitable. Due to such restrictions and limitations businesses often tend to choose Virtual Private Server with Cloud hosting. 

Virtual Private Servers offer much more in comparison to shared hosting. It provides dedicated resources improving the overall performance of your website. VPS also allows you to increase resources as in when you find it necessary. 

Here are seven reasons why you should consider changing your hosting plan:

Slow Speed And Poor Performance

People tend to shop online so that they can save some time and if the website takes time to load then one can imagine their frustration. Especially during festive seasons, the poor performance of your website can seriously affect your conversion rate. 

This problem is quite common when it comes to shared hosting as all the resources are being shared by multiple websites. Whereas in VPS your website is going to deliver high-speed performance since it has access to dedicated resources. 

Rise In Traffic

Every website owner works relentlessly to witness a rise in the website traffic and when the time comes your website should be able to withstand the increase in numbers. Due to shared hosting your website might not be able to perform under such pressure. However, in the case of VPS, you will achieve the desired result with a lot of ease. 

Want More Control

As mentioned earlier shared hosting does not give you the ability to make changes in the environment as per your requirement. However, you can make changes as and when you like in case of a VPS as the host provides you with the root access. Which means you have the freedom to experiment and make the necessary changes required.

Lack Of Security Features

In shared hosting, all websites have to abide by the same security measures and there are no exceptions for anyone. On the other hand in VPS you can maintain the security of your websites yourself and take necessary measures such as setting up a Firewall, Anti Virus, and monitoring system for your website. You can easily manage these security provisions using the easy to use interface. 

Choosing the right hosting Plan for your website is a critical decision that you need to make. Any compromise on your part is going to have a direct effect on the performance of your website and eventually your business. You don’t want to put your investments at risk by settling for less. So it is advised to make decisions in accordance with your requirement and choose a hosting Plan that gives you the freedom to customize and control the platform so that you can utilize it to its fullest potential. 

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