Top 5 benefits of using cloud hosting

In the modern business scenario, all the good business owners and entrepreneurs are looking to cut their business costs and improve efficiency. With modern technology continuing to evolve, all institutions and organizations are looking for innovative ways for managing their web hosting needs. One of the popular methods for web hosting is cloud hosting. Many businesses are moving to cloud hosting because of the effectiveness it offers. But are you aware of why cloud hosting is a better idea than traditional hosting? How does it work and what does it mean to move over to the cloud?

What is cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting allows you to store your data across several servers. This data is accessible from anywhere. You just need to have the right device and a good internet connection for accessing it. These cloud hosting services are in most cases taken care of by different vendors such as ewebguru. These vendors store the data in different data centers across the world. Cloud hosting is many times contrasted and compared to more conventional hosting. The common types of traditional hosting are shared and dedicated hosting. Many businesses these days are looking for alternatives to traditional hosting solutions. Although there are some unique benefits associated with every hosting solution, in this article we will look at some of the benefits of cloud hosting.

Advantages of using cloud hosting

1. Flexibility and scalability

One of the significant benefits of cloud hosting is the scalability it offers. It is extremely beneficial for the small companies and businesses that have experienced fast growth viz start-ups that are doing well. Cloud hosting allows you to easily add or reduce different resources such as bandwidth and storage allocations according to the situation of your business. This flexibility offered by the cloud server is not possible with traditional web hosting. The ease of operation and the speed at which alterations can be achieved to suit the business needs are unparalleled.

Apart from this, your business is not bound to these servers like traditional hosting. This is so as in the case of the traditional solutions where you might have opted for physically close locations for maximizing the loading times. In contrast to this, cloud hosting can be accessed from any device when you have an internet connection available and from anywhere.

2. Efficiency in costs

Cloud hosting is usually offered in the form of SaaS or Software as a Service. Vendors such as ewebguru are responsible for the maintenance of all the necessary hardware. Apart from that the clients just pay for the services and resources that are being utilized. These vendors will also offer different cloud hosting packages that are suitable to the requirements, of various businesses. You can research the vendors online similar to what you will do while looking for cheap VPS hosting. Pricing for cloud hosting depends on different aspects. Therefore, there will be a suitable alternative available for most businesses.

Some types of cloud hosting services can be shared with other businesses. It means you can get lower costs due to sharing making this a cost-effective solution. It is especially useful for small businesses that cannot afford to buy and maintain the hardware for the website by themselves. You can also save on IT costs because the servers and other hardware are the vendor’s responsibilities. There is no need to buy or keep the hardware in-house. SaaS allows you an option to not make any up-front bargains. Traditional hosting will need you to pay more for some resources that are rarely used.

3. Better uptime and disaster recovery

Due to the several dedicated and connected servers available there is less downtime with cloud servers. If a server fails there is another one available that takes over. This is not possible with the traditional hosting option. It depends on a single server rather than a range of servers. If this server goes out of operation for some reason you can get lengthier downtimes. Due to the lesser downtime for your business and website, you can get better productivity for the operations.

Another great benefit associated with cloud hosting is that its multi-server setup allows you to take automatic backup for your data. Even when an independent server goes down, you can find little or no loss of info. Data recovery is usually a simple process for cloud servers. Against this, traditional hosting has all your data on a single server. When this server fails, disaster recovery is a lot more difficult.

4. Better peace of mind

While using cloud hosting, you are working with a server host or a vendor. These vendors offer many support and services that are helpful. They help in ensuring that a business is ready to concentrate on its operations. You will have a team of trained and specialized pros available to you in case you encounter any technical problems. This is a great option to have when you do not have a dedicated IT team. Good service providers such as ewebguru can give you secure cloud solutions that will decrease the security breach risks.

5. Better collaboration

Several companies have turned to hybrid workplaces or remote workplaces. Many of the employees these days are just not present in the office. Cloud hosting solutions allow you access to different applications and data from practically anywhere. It is useful for improving the productivity of your business. It gives the option of choosing the work area as well. Cloud hosting is great for supporting mobile teams. Workers can access the documents regardless of where they are.


In case, you are thinking about moving to a cloud hosting solution, keep in mind that it is a new technology. Different trends indicate that it can be the thing of the future. You will have to move to cloud hosting sooner or later irrespective of the several benefits it has to offer. Get in touch with ewebguru experts today to make a switch or to talk to the pros.

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