When should I upgrade to VPS server hosting?

If your blog is expanding, you most certainly started with a shared hosting plan.  Because shared hosting is cheap and easy to use, it’s a terrific way to get started. Shared hosting does have certain limits, though, which you may discover as your site gains popularity and size. It’s time to think about upgrading to the best VPS hosting package at this point. We’ll go over the advantages of moving your site to VPS hosting in this blog article, along with when it’s appropriate to make the change.

What a VPS Host Should Have

Even while VPS hosting generally offers higher quality than shared hosting, this does not guarantee that any provider of VPSs will provide you with good value for your money. Below is a hand-picked selection of VPS providers that meet the following requirements:

Innovative technologies.  As was already said, most virtual private server (VPS) companies allow you to alter the virtual server’s characteristics.

  • High level of safety: Many companies provide sophisticated security features in your plan, such as backups, AI-based monitoring, and integrated defence against brute-force assaults, if you’re willing to pay a premium for VPS hosting.
  • Outstanding customer service: VPS hosting may call for debugging skills or other technical knowledge, it’s critical that you can rely on knowledgeable support staff to assist you in resolving any significant difficulties.
  • Selections for managed support: In addition to the aforementioned, you have the option to pay for managed VPS plans or managed support add-ons, which will provide you with extra assistance with configuration, upkeep, and troubleshooting. Several of the hosts listed below provide managed plans at affordable prices.
  • Value for the money: You should anticipate receiving more in return for your increased hosting fee. You should be able to fully customise your virtual instance and receive added features, depending on the provider. Additionally, there must to be no shortage of proof of excellent accomplishment.

The Advantages of Switching to VPS Hosting

  • Improved Speed and Performance

A primary advantage of transitioning to VPS hosting is enhanced speed and performance. Sharing resources on the same server as other users is what shared hosting companies do, and if they use excessive resources, it might slow down your website. As VPS hosting can manage higher traffic volumes and have quicker load times.

  • Improved Safety

Enhanced security is an additional advantage of VPS hosting. When using shared hosting, all of the websites on the server are vulnerable to hacking if just one of the websites becomes compromised. You have your own virtual server with VPS hosting, your website is protected from hacking attempts on other websites hosted on the physical server.

  • Increased Control and Individualization 

Compared to shared hosting, you have greater flexibility and customisation choices with a VPS hosting company. Since you have root access to your server, you are able to install any necessary software or apps. This allows you the freedom to tailor your server to your website’s unique requirements.

  • Capacity to rise 

Furthermore more scalable than shared hosting is VPS hosting. You may quickly upgrade your resources to meet the additional demand as your website develops and your traffic increases. Your capacity to scale up or down with shared hosting may be restricted by the server’s available resources.

When Should You Upgrade to a VPS Hosting Plan?

  • An increase in traffic to your website

As website traffic starts to expand, one of the primary reasons to think about moving to VPS hosting is when it happens. Multiple websites can be hosted on a single server under shared hosting plans, which allow them to share resources like CPU and RAM. Increased traffic to one website on a shared server might impact the performance of other websites hosted on the same server, causing outages and sluggish loading times. 

  • Loading times of your website are slow

Your website’s user experience may suffer and visitors may leave if it loads slowly. Resource constraints are a common feature of shared hosting plans, which can cause delayed loading times during periods of high traffic. In contrast, VPS hosting plans provide your website dedicated resources, which makes it possible for it to load more quickly and manage more traffic.

  • More Flexibility and Control for Your Website

Plans for shared hosting sometimes offer less flexibility and control over the server environment. If you need to install special software, set up complex security settings, or modify server settings, this can be an issue. With VPS hosting services, you may alter the server settings to suit your unique requirements and have greater control and flexibility over the hosting environment.

  • You Should Improve the Security of Your Website

Because several websites share server resources, shared hosting plans are more open to security flaws. Other websites hosted on the same server may be impacted if one website on the shared server is hacked. Because each virtual server on a VPS hosting plan runs independently of the other virtual servers on the same physical server, these hosting plans offer better security than shared hosting. This implies that additional virtual servers located on the same physical server are unaffected if one virtual server is hacked.


There are a lot of advantages to switching from shared hosting to the best VPS hosting for your blog. Website owners may benefit from a more robust and customisable hosting environment with VPS hosting, which comes with dedicated resources, scalability, control and flexibility, greater security, better performance, improved dependability, and cost-effectiveness. For websites that need more power, management, and protection, VPS hosting is a viable option, however it might not be the best fit for every website. 

Upgrading to VPS hosting will assist guarantee that your website keeps operating smoothly and offers a fantastic user experience for your visitors as it expands and gains more traffic. Therefore, switching to VPS hosting is something to think about if you want to grow your blog. Check out the many alternatives accessible to you by checking out Ewebguru’s latest VPS and dedicated hosting services!

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