Why you should go for eWebGuru cloud for your e-commerce website?

Using cloud hosting for eCommerce is extremely popular because of many reasons. It provides quicker website speed, better performance, higher availability, and uptime, and it is easy to scale the server resources. The cloud hosting solutions also provide a flexible pricing system and redundant server environment. Most eCommerce website owners are considering moving to cloud hosting these days and more than half of them already have done so. There are a few terms you need to be aware of. Let’s find out what PaaS, IaaS, and SaaS are and e-commerce websites can benefit from these kinds of cloud models.

About PaaS, IaaS, and SaaS


SaaS is an abbreviation for Software as a Service. For instance, Gmail and other similar cloud applications use SaaS. A client utilizes an application and the fundamental settings of the application will be managed by the service provider.


PaaS is an abbreviation for Platform as a Service. The client is in control of the applications and the provider controls the operating system.


The long form of IaaS is Infrastructure as a Service. Examples of IaaS are virtual networks and virtual servers. The client can install all the software, applications, and operating system.

All these above services are designed to reduce a part of the time and financial costs of supporting and deploying your e-commerce site. The difference between these three lies in what things you are looking to keep to yourself and which ones you want the service provider such as eWebGuru to handle.

Selecting the right cloud hosting for your e-commerce website

The worldwide e-commerce sales figures have reached astronomical proportions. The massive expansion of e-commerce stores is unlikely to slow down. To remain relevant in the competitive environment, the store will have to overcome many challenges. With the competition heating up, your cloud hosting solution has to be capable of keeping up with it. A professional web hosting solution such as eWebGuru for the e-commerce site provides flexibility. It is useful where for example, the store has little traffic on weekdays and the weekends will provide big spikes.


You should be able to maintain your store up and running 365/24/7. EWebGuru also provides scalability and there are many other benefits associated with eWebGuru as well. Depending on your requirements you will be able to scale your website up and down. Selecting this kind of solution allows you to maintain the costs on a lower ebb. Keep in mind that when you opt for cloud hosting rather than VPS hosting, there is no need for having in-house servers and IT teams on your staff.


One of the biggest challenges involved in this is security. There are thousands of e-commerce sites in operation these days. Many of them rely on cloud hosting. But the top priority for the hosting providers is the safety of the servers. These are some of the significant advantages and challenges of using this kind of service.

Some tips for selecting the cloud service provider

1. Opt for a partner and not just a cloud hosting service provider

You need to think about your business long term. The truth is, you are going to need a partner and not just someone that provides cloud hosting services. You must know that the service provider also shares the goal of achieving growth. Communication with the service provider is a terrific way of making sure that both parties are on the same page. Learn if the service provider gives out an entrepreneurial or corporate viewpoint. You need a service provider such as eWebGuru that treats its clients with the attention and is aware that all clients are different.

2. Find out about 24/7 customer support

For e-commerce stores having a website down even for a couple of minutes can mean significant losses. The website has to be up all the time. But no matter how careful you are, things can go wrong. Say, you wake up at 4 in the morning to find out that the site is down. You will find comments and emails from angry customers complaining about the fact that they cannot access your store. During situations such as these, you must be in a position to solve the issue quickly. Therefore, customer support is a vital part of your business operations. EWebGuru has 24/7 support all year round. This can be the difference between succeeding and failing in your business.

3. Select a total package including flexibility, security, and scalability

If you can locate the right cloud hosting provider, you are guaranteed to get a full package. You need to be assured about online and offline security. It is significant to be aware that eWebGuru has a specialized web hosting facility. You should be looking for purpose-built data centers having appropriate infrastructure. The provider must provide top-class connectivity, and several backup solutions because there are continuous digital attacks taking place these days. You also need to consider the scalability and flexibility offered by the provider. You must get the services for your specific requirements like those provided by eWebGuru.

4. Look for the latest technological innovations

Technology these days is evolving quicker than ever. Innovation happens to be a sacred thing for businesses. But now it allows the processes to become more profitable, less time-consuming, and more efficient. Your e-commerce site must be ahead of the competition. You will need to use innovation from head to toe including things such as using eWebGuru cloud hosting services. The use of the latest technology provides a solid advantage to your e-commerce website. Be aware of how the cloud hosting solution can integrate with your e-commerce site.


As you must have gathered so far, there are many things to consider while deciding on your e-commerce cloud hosting provider. So, it might be a good idea to take your business to a reliable cloud hosting service provider such as eWebGuru. Keep in mind that the performance of your website depends on having a distributed infrastructure. Find out if this is, provided by the host.

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