Ashwin increased the revenue of his site development firm by adopting eWebGuru Reseller Hosting. 

While working in a highly competitive industry like site development, Ashwin struggled to boost his revenue. A big part of his project budget was allotted to purchase hosting separately for each site. While searching for a solution, he learned about eWebGuru Reseller hosting. He noticed an opportunity to adopt this hosting plan and further provide it to the client as a separate hosting account. 


Aswin’s firm was hosting different sites at different hosts. Bringing those sites to eWebGuru with minimal downtime was a challenge. Managing those sites separately was the more significant challenge for Aswin’s team.


eWebGuru support team offered site migration to Ashwin and made it easy. Due to the fast service of eWebGuru, they successfully kept low downtime. This hosting enabled the ability to provide separate accounts further to each client. Ashbin’s firm got control over the distribution of resources among those accounts. 

How Reseller hosting boosted the revenue of site development firm

The cost of hosting was high due to separate hosting accounts. Reseller hosting plans are crafted to cut down the hosting costs for agencies and resellers. In business revenue growth, cost-cutting while keeping efficiency high is significant. 

The cost of managing separate accounts for each client goes down due to the centralization of funds on one host. This helps in better management. 

Features of eWebGuru Reseller hosting

Customer purchase plan on their prices. The program reflects the need of the customer. Customer purchases plan on the profit. This planning help customer to make a profit. If the company gives the customer a suitable plan, the customer will be attracted to the company. With the help of features, customers can easily purchase plans.

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Attractive cost

Sometimes some company sells the plans at a high cost. And the other hand, other company sells this reseller hosting plan at a low cost. For-profit also sometimes companies sell plans at low prices. 

Like that situation, we can see companies fall. If the company goes into a loss, companies sell plans at low prices, which will benefit the customer.

99% uptime

 Reseller hosting assures 99% uptime. Some few times, because of server problems, it will be neglected.

Unlimited Domain

Reseller hosting uses unlimited domains for its customer.

Website Builder

Reseller hosting uses a website builder. In companies, all plan it is maintained.


In companies, DirectAdmin is also mentioned. DirectAdmin will help customer to choose the best plan.


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