The lockdown imposed from the COVID-19 virus is a tough decision for the government. Millions of individuals locked up at home are already feeling the adverse consequence of such a decision. In India, firms are struggling to pay their staff, families are struggling to meet up with bills and individuals are already struggling to feed themselves.

If many knew the lockdown would be prolonged, they would have made an effort to seek an alternative source of income. Though many people have stocked their home with foodstuffs and other daily necessities, their daily consumption is already creating a need for restocking.

Shortages Of Jobs Due To Coronavirus Pandemic

The most immediate challenge for them now is how people can get funds to make purchases at retail outlets. Since workplaces are not opened, the hope of receiving salaries is dimmed. Even the big corporations are cutting down their recurrent expenditures and massively laying off their staff. That makes the increase rate of unemployment staggers.

As reported by Furquan Moharkan , India’s unemployment rate spiked to double digits. Even in the UK and US, the coronavirus pandemic is seriously hitting the livelihoods of many daily wagers and even the factory workers. It’s already causing a sharp downward movement to several nation’s economic growth including India.

Currently, thousands of people have lost their job due to the pandemic. More job loss is expected as the lockdown continues. If you’re a temporary or part-time worker, the lockdown is likely hitting hard on you now. Perhaps you are a full-time worker whose financial power is already being drained by daily spending, you must be looking out for a source of income to augment your financial power in this lockdown era.

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