What’s the difference between managed and unmanaged Windows VPS hosting?

Windows VPS hosting is best for all types of mid-range websites using windows applications. Also, you need to be very clear on picking Managed or unmanaged Windows VPS hosting. For those who are unaware of those two types of windows VPS hosting, here in this article, we have elaborated on the differences between those in upcoming segments. 

Both managed and unmanaged Windows VPS hosting have the same features but a managed server with extended support. Let’s take a deep look over the differences.

What is unmanaged Windows VPS hosting?

In unmanaged Windows VPS hosting, you get support from the service provider on-demand and not regularly. You will have to do the installation, configuration, maintenance and update your Windows VPS hosting independently. You will receive updates on your website activities, but there will not be a dedicated person from the support team available from the service provider.

Benefits of Unmanaged Windows VPS Hosting

windows VPS hosting
  • Users can avail autonomous control over the host server, including the option of controlling server bandwidth, memory, software installation, usages, and web space. 
  • Can customize the host server as per the requirement of your site
  • It is a cost-effective hosting solution for high performing websites
  • No need to depend upon the hosting provider supports for accessing your web server. 

What is managed Windows VPS hosting?

Managed VPS hosting offers you extended support by the service provider. Right from the purchase, installing and configuring your Windows VPS hosting, maintenance, performing core updates, and to generate your web performance reports all of them will be handled by your Windows VPS hosting service provider.

Top benefits of opting for a managed VPS hosting

  • Free and quick installation within a few hours, a technician from the service provider will assist you in installing and setting up your VPS hosting.
  • The service provider monitors website frequently and reports site’s web stat on weekly, monthly and quarterly.
  • Dedicated support, both technical and customer support team will be able to resolve your queries or provide instant solutions. 
  • Effective resource monitoring, the technician of the service provider will suggest to you the allocation of server resources. 
  • Stringent security, any malicious or suspicious activity on your server is efficiently monitored. 

Pros and cons of managed and unmanaged Windows VPS hosting

  • Managed VPS hosting guarantees you the server maintenance and upgrade by the service provider, whereas in unmanaged VPS hosting, they guarantee you the maintenance of the physical server and its uptime. 
  • Managed VPS hosting is not that cost-effective when compared with unmanaged VPS hosting as from A to Z of your website is taken care of by the service provider, whereas the latter is cheaper because you handle it independently. 
  • Managed VPS hosting though being slightly high on price, works well for business beginners, whereas unmanaged VPS hosting is a good choice for experienced business users.

So, if you are a technically skilled person, you can go for managed hosting, else it’s better to pick the unmanaged windows VPS hosting since all the hosting operations will take care of by the hosting provider. 

How to choose the best service provider in managed Windows VPS hosting?

There are many service providers in the market offering managed Windows VPS hosting. But choosing the one that provides top-notch products and extraordinary support is something you have to look at, along with competitive pricing.

eWebGuru has all types of hosting services and especially, have several happy customers who have found working with managed Windows VPS hosting server is value for money. They have extensive and reliable features, applications and tools that support your website design, development, performance and maintenance rigorously. 

eWebGuru offers the following features on its Windows VPS hosting:

  • Unlimited domains: You can host unlimited domains in the Windows VPS hosting along with multiple sub-domains. You will never experience downtime or webspace issue while hosting unlimited domains or sub-domains.
  • Never-ending database storage: You can store any number of data on your server for multiple websites and we provide access to unlimited MySQL databases.
  • Easy transfer and high uptime: With our Windows VPS hosting, you can transfer unlimited FTP files that ease file transfer between your websites along with providing high server uptime of up to 99.9%.
  • Effective backup solutions: We take weekly, monthly and quarterly backup of your web information so that during accidental downtimes, it will be easy for us to redirect data from one server to another quickly.
  • 365-day support: Our customer support team works rigorously and vigorously to serve your needs better and provide appropriate solutions to resolve issues with your Windows VPS hosting instantaneously.
  • Private Nameserver and instant activation: You get an individual nameserver and it will be activated within a few hours of your purchase with eWebGuru.
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