How much money can you make using affiliate marketing?

If you are a newbie to the affiliate marketing then these questions would fully occupy your mind “Is it possible to earn money through affiliate marketing?” “How much money I can make through affiliate marketing?”

Affiliate marketing is the place where you can make money in a quick and inexpensive mode without any hassles. Affiliate marketers are paid for linking consumers with the seller, however, the way of linking consumers with the sellers gets differs according to the affiliate programs.

Just like that, you need to engage with trustworthy and reliable affiliate programs in order to earn money through it. At the same time, you need to be aware that earning through an affiliate program is truly viable and variable according to your dedication and commitment.

Affiliate marketing

Truth About Making Money in Affiliate marketing

  • You no need to create a product or service to earn
  • You can work at any time, anywhere according to your comfort.
  • Your passive income through affiliate marketing purely depends upon how you market your affiliate products effectively.
  • Generating income through affiliate programs will take a significant amount of time and traffic to your affiliate content.

Common Affiliate Marketing Channels 

If you are really want to earn some money by doing affiliate marketing, then you should be aware of these popular channels by which affiliate marketers earning over the years.

  1. Targeting Individual Influencers
  2. Creating a Blog and start blogging on your affiliate product
  3. Develop and monetize micro-site on your affiliate product niche and reach it among your target global audience
  4. Engaging with the email marketing tactics by collecting a potential email list
  5. Pick the large media websites and start to promote your contextual affiliate link by placing ads or content on it.

Well, the above-mentioned marketing channels are the most commonly used medium by the affiliate marketers to engage with their target audience. It is not mandatory for you to follow the same channels to become a successful marketer; you can do it on your own way to reach your target audience.

Earning Brackets In The Affiliate marketing Industry

Here are the few predictions you can earn through different types of affiliates around the world. Here all those predictions on pointing the profits not the revenues of the affiliates, because in affiliate marketing mostly you are supposed to invest your time for making money.

  • Low-Level Affiliates – Affiliates who earn pockets of profit by doing affiliates on the web without considering the sales amount and involving in any campaigns. In such a case scenario, affiliates may earn anywhere from $0 to $300 per day.
  • Intermediate Level Affiliates – Affiliates who earn handsome profits on doing affiliates by focusing on a high volume of web traffic. In most cases, intermediate level affiliates often engage with high competition. In such a case scenario, affiliates may earn anywhere from $300 to $3,000 per day.
  • High-Level Affiliates – Affiliates focuses on a huge scale option on their affiliate program. Here affiliates considering engaging with the mass marketing tactics and concentrate more on direct purchase and to increase sales margins by better ratio now and then. In such a case scenario, affiliates may earn above $3,000 per day for sure.

Apart from the above mentioned 3 types, affiliates can do involve in marketing business by stepping into apprentice affiliates program and by doing the ‘Bag of Dicks’ Affiliate program. Where the apprentice affiliates can be all the above-mentioned affiliate marketing types as they like and it’s truly on his determination.

Meanwhile, people who are pretty focused on their earning and does affiliate marketing by fixing target income comes under this category of “Bag of Dicks Affiliate” depending upon their income they dedicatedly commit their time and energy.   

Affiliate marketing Strategies For 2020

  1. Select only recommend the products which you are extremely familiar with as your affiliate program.
  2. Always prefer to promote products on a different platform instead of depending on one.
  3. Do check and optimize your conversion rates.
  4. Focus on improving your affiliate traffic sources by doing desire research.

Top Affiliate Marketing Trends of 2020

  • Affiliate reporting and attribution are improved in affiliate programs.
  • Influencer niches are becoming hyper-targeted by the affiliates in modern days.
  • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is changing on how personal data is collected during the affiliate marketing procedure.
  • Affiliate marketers are getting smarter and they leveraging their status innovatively to receive higher commission per sale and better deals from the advisors.


Affiliate marketing can be the perfect and elegant straightforward medium for people to earn a handsome amount as their passive income; however, it is essential to engage with the right program to ensure getting high profits. Based on the recent stats it is clearly identified as engaging with the affiliate program offered by the BigCommerce will results in better in terms of making more profits.

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