Pros & cons of SSL Certficates

Before we proceed it is important to understand what is SSL Certificates and why a website need one such. SSL is a shortened term for Secure Socket Layer and is a standard technology in terms of security and establishing encrypted link between a client and a server. Sensitive information such as login credentials, credit card numbers and social security numbers are transmitted securely through it. It is the must-have requirement in transmission of confidential information and for online transactions.

Advantages of having SSL Certificates

It is obvious with SSL Certificates the website data remain safe from third-party hacking or interception. However, there are other pros too and those are as below:

The trust factor

It is important that your visitors should have a trust on you. The encrypted HTTP that uses SSL indicate as HTTPS on the web browser. This is a symbol of safety. It ascertains website security.

A study earlier by Bizrate revealed most of the customers in United States distrusted websites which failed to indicate HTTPS and didn’t conduct online transactions due to credit card and privacy concerns.


SSL Certificates guarantee the verification of visitors while transacting business on the website. This is one of the most important factors while business is done online.

Data integrity

In the past Target, Home Depot, eBay and several other retailers have been victims of hacking. Payment records and valuable customer information were lost as the websites lacked protection.

With SSL Certificates data intergrity is guaranteed. Website owner can intercept data and change it as well that goes to and from the server.

Data breach prevented

SSL Certificates also helps in keeping only what you need. It prevents loss or theft of data. It defends brand and status of the company. It adhere to the set security regulations.

Disadvantags of having SSL Certificates


SSL Certificates comes with a cost and this is high. For beginners the high cost could be pinching.


Encrypted information sent by web server need more server resources and this sometimes lead to performance issues compared to information that is not encrypted.

Tough SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) becomes a bit complicated with the encryption. Businesses may suffer negative implication.

Technical complications

It is believed SSL configuration is simple, but sometimes for non-techie it may turn to be a complex thing and mostly in multi-domain SSL certificates. The chances of error is high and applying the HTTPS tag across all pages requires skill.

Mobile configuration not easy

In recent years use of mobile devices has increased several folds and SSL configuration is not easy. Either third-party applications are used or site owner need to build in-house applications to enable website function same way across devices.


SSL is a welcome move. It will make your website powerful. Google and other search engines have made changes in their algorithms to make HTTPS enabled websites rank in their search results. More to all these, it is synonymous to confidentiality, authentication and data integrity.

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