If you are planning for a big business or thinking of launching an e-commerce site, then a secured hosting server that is complemented by a managed dedicated server is essential. Bare metal servers are also called managed dedicated servers. Industries related to healthcare, retail, or finance can choose a single tenant bare server. While others can opt for other, virtualized servers.

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eWebGuru Bare Metal Server

  • eWebGuru is also a distinguished name in managed dedicated servers or bare metal servers. It possesses the following features.
  • It has flexible billing
  • It provides high-end performance
  • It is very efficient and is available within minutes.
  • It bears failover IP.
  • Round-the-clock assistance

eWebGuru Bare Matel Server Plan and Prices

Intel E3- 1230( Quad Core)

It costs Rs. 7000 per month. In this plan you get 1TB SSD Drive, 16GB RAM, 10TB Bandwidth, 100Mbps Uplink and Fully Managed Servers. Ewebguru gives Full Root & Shell Access to its bare metal server plan users. This plan gets 100Mbps Default Uplink. There is No Contracts Required.  Free IPKVM are available with this bare metal server. You can customize your server while you pay best prices around. eWebGuru bare metal servers are Cisco Firewall Protected and comes with Super micro Hardware. You can get Bandwidth Usage Charts as well as Remote Desktop Access.

Intel E5- 2670( Octa Core)

It is Rs. 11000 monthly plan by eWebGuru. In this plan you get 1TB SSD Drive, 64GB RAM, 10TB Bandwidth and 100Mbps Uplink. This bare metal server plan includes Fully Managed Servers. You will get Full Root & Shell Access for better control. There is no Contract Required in this dedicated server plan. There are free IPKVM available with the plan. You can fully customize your server These servers are Cisco Firewall Protected and made with Supermicro Hardware. Users can get bandwidth Usage Charts as well as Remote Desktop Access. There are 2 more other plans

Intel 2X E5- 2670 ( 16 Core)

It costs Rs. 13000 per month.

Intel 2X E5- 2670(16 Cores)

It is Rs. 18000 per month.

ONLINE SERVER the best bare metal server providers in Ghaziabad, Online Server delivers the best server. They have expanded their business worldwide in 35 countries. Online Servers offer Dedicated Server Hosting at a minimal price and the hosting plans are also very cheap. They have the following features that make them unique.

●     They provide a managed dedicated server with which we can install software of our choice.

●     Getting a customized server also allows us to access, modify and manage it at par with our website needs.

●     They also provide, which also comes with a managed dedicated server, great storage, data security, server security, and many more advanced features.

●     There is an option to select between Linux and Windows.

●     A protective layer is provided which assures security from harmful viruses and protects the server as well.

●     It also provides encryption, with which data is easily accessible by other organizations.

●     The data center is mostly available near your location, which furnishes full network uptime and high performance of the server.

●      The bare metal server they provide is stable, secured, and has high-performance quality. It bears the quality of perfect hosting solutions for its users.

●     Apart from managed dedicated hosting, Online Server also provides Cloud Management, Hosting, SSL Certificates, and many more.


Rural Server located in Ghaziabad offers self-managed dedicated servers as well as fully managed dedicated servers.


●    The self-managed dedicated servers of the Rural Servers are fully customized and cater to all your needs.

●    They are instilled with the latest Intel hardware.

●    All the dedicated servers contain SLA and DDOS protection.

●    They possess a 200 Gbps network and have round-the-clock support.

●    It is among the four state-of-the-art enterprise data centers, which ensures your server faces challenges.

●    It starts at Rs. 7500 per month.


All the plans have guaranteed extensive software backing and outstanding infrastructure. The hosting packages are also designed to cater to these requirements, which assures to build your private server It guarantees hassle-free setup along with a pocket-friendly price.


●     Rural servers provide bulletproof hosting. It also carries free d- doc protection.

●     It has a 3-tier system with over 3 backup generators along with 6 ISPs.

●     It provides quick deployment. They are deployed in less than a minute.

●     They provide efficient and responsive services.

●     The SSD Cached dedicated servers are powered by Intel Xeon processors.

●     The servers are equipped with a Denial of Service Mitigation system which assures top-class security against DDOS attacks.

●     The servers contain features that are at par with the industry and services.

●     No additional costs are included.

●     It comprises more than 45 operating systems, including MS Server 2008, CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, and more.


Managed dedicated Servers of RuralServer offer the benefit of a physical dedicated server without having any need to manage the server. It starts at Rs. 8000 per month. The servers are fully customized and are enterprise-class servers. They are powered by the latest Intel hardware 


With OVH cloud you can host your website, customize it, and make highly resilient infrastructure at ease. They have a range of dedicated servers, which includes :

●     Rise dedicated servers

●     Advanced dedicated Servers

●     Game dedicated Servers

●     Scale Dedicated Servers

●     High Grade Dedicated Servers


Best Performance With a dedicated server, you can grab all the advantages of all the resources on your side. The servers are designed and maintained by their teams to yield maximum benefits. Efficient Service Reap the services within 120 seconds in their 33 data centers. Get a secure, high-resilient network for a perennial service. Scalability  With OVH cloud dedicated servers, you can build infrastructure using all the technical applications required in a business. The growth of your organization also depends on the connection between your servers with other servers. Stability With the OVH cloud dedicated server, you can receive unique ideas which can help you grow bigger and stronger. The ideas are developed by their experts who are always working to make you better and meet your needs. Transparency They provide clear information on their pricing, services offered and all other features. No extra cost is charged.


Bandwidth and unlimited traffic Each server has a public bandwidth of 500 Mbit/s. It can also absorb high-time traffic. It also provides free incoming and outgoing traffic. Use of Multiple data centres You can create any infrastructure using their high-bandwidth private network available at various data centres. Strong Back up storage space The dedicated servers have huge storage space, separate space from the server for more storage. It also contains
  • Anti- DDoS system to protect your data.
  • All the servers carry Service level agreements.
  • Numerous operating systems
  • 24×7 support

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