GreenGreeks Vs eWebGuru Review and Comparison 2022

There are too many web hosting companies. But in this article we will discuss about two most popular website hosting companies. So, in this article we will discuss about well known companies, they are GreenGreek and eWebGuru.

About GreenGreeks

GreenGreek is best ecofriendly web hosting company, which is today also working for his customer.Since 2008 GreenGreek is devotedly working for customer in web hosting market. Company offer WordPress hosting, shared hosting, managed hosting.

Pros of GreenGreek

  1.  GreenGreek gives Eco-friendly hosting to his customer.
  2. GreenGreek also offer free CDN, domain and SSL.
  3. Company gives you 30-day money back guarantee.


  1.  GreenGreek givesLimited support.
  2. Companies cost plans are high.

GreenGreek wordpress plan

$2.95 – 36/mo term$5.95 – 36/mo term$10.95 – 36/mo term
Disk space50 GBUnlimitedUnlimited
Email accounts5Unlimited  Unlimited
Email storage:100 MB / accountUnlimited  Unlimited

Rating of GreenGreek


We saw about GreenGreek web hosting company. Here we discuss abut company and his WordPress plan and company rating.

eWebGuru web hosting company

Now let’s turn toward well known web hosting company eWebGuru. In 2007 CEO Ashok Arora started eWebGuru web hosting company. 40000+ clients are satisfied with eWebGuru. Company offers bare metal server, cloud dedicated server and GPU server.

Now let’s see eWebGuru’s Advantages and Disadvantages,

Now first we see advantages

  • In Business eWebGuru honestly working since 2003.
  • eWebGuru gives plan in Reasonable Prices.
  • eWebGuru Company is Debt Free.


  • With eWebGuru site Add On Options Can Increase Price.
  • In eWebGuru No High-End Dedicated servers available.
  • No Servers Physically in India (a negative for an India based company)

Cloud Dedicated server plans

Cloud server 1Cloud server 2Cloud server 3Cloud server 4
Rs 3995/ moRs 3995/ moRs 3995/ moRs 3995/ mo
16GB Dedicated RAM  16GB Dedicated RAM 16GB Dedicated RAM       16GB Dedicated RAM
4 Core4 Core4 Core 4 Core  
1 IPv41 IPv41 IPv41 IPv4
500GB SATA Disk 1100GB SSD Disk 12x500GB SATA Disk 1 2x500GB SATA Disk 1
None Disk 2None Disk 2None Disk 2 100GB SSD Disk 2  
5TB Bandwidth/mo  5TB Bandwidth/mo5TB Bandwidth/mo5TB Bandwidth/mo
Included IPv6 SupportIncluded IPv6 SupportIncluded IPv6 SupportIncluded IPv6 Support

Rating of eWebGuru

company Rating

If you want to purchase website from us then you can freely contact on this no.

88003 34921

Now let’s discuss about 5 web hosting companies,

1. Miles Web India

Miles web is started in 2012 with aim of best web hosting provider.Miles web webisites are 24/7 available for his customer.Miles web offer wordpress hosting, WordPress cloud hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated server to his customer.

You can contact through email and live chat

2. Hostripples

Let’s know about another top shared web hosting company. This company offer domain and hosting offers. This company is reliable and prices are also affordable.

 Contact us on 88003 34921

3. Web Werks India Pvt Ltd

Web Werks is the most trusted data center provider in India, offering global presence, leading technologies and comprehensive data center solutions to meet your IT infrastructure requirements. It offer cloud computing and managed hosting services.

You can contact us on 88003 34921

Netspace (India) – Web Hosting India

Netspace™ (India) is converting customers into fans since 2005, with our wide range of solutions, we have covered almost all sectors in India. Companies website is available for 24/7.

 You can contact us on email or chat


Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth in Provo, Utah started Bluehost in 2003. Bluehost power websites all over the world and support thousands more every day. Bluehost gives shared hosting, wordpress hosting and VPS hosting.

You can contact on 88003 34921

You can also contact on website chat

In this article we talk about GreenGreek and eWebGuru. And their pros and cons and their plans. And some 5 web hosting company. We hope this article will help you to chose website hosting company.

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