Hosting your first WordPress blog

WordPress controls over 28% shared of accounts on the web. It’s a well-known fact that WordPress is the greatest blogging platform on the planet today. In this way, individuals consider it important thing while arranging their first WordPress blog.

Well, it all starts with people starting to think. Without appropriate blogs and prospects, it can be difficult to sell ideas. In the early stages, new blogger get confused how to establish his or her first blog and how to meet with the requirements of blog.

How to Start a First WordPress Blog Right way?

This article reviews the steps to get you started on your first WordPress blog site. We will cover everything from buying a domain to making a very important decision on choosing a hosting package, and we’ll cover everything through the configuration to the first posting.


Step-1 – Get Your Blog/Business name means Domain

First important thing to consider while setting first blog is finding of domain name which should be related to your business name. In domain selection domain extension play a vital role, here is the importance of different domain extensions.

  1. .com is a top-level domain extension – you should get .com if you get one. If you cannot sign up .net, .co, .io.
  2. How popular are .com domains that are favorites but unavailable before choosing .net, .co, or other extensions? If your .com domain is very popular, we recommend using a different name. In this case, it would be very competitive to survive by identification.
  3. You can purchase domain from any domain selling company like NAMECHEAP or GODADDY.


Step-2 – Choose Hosting type and Plan for your domain

After buying a good domain, you need to buy a good stable hosting service. For this select such hosting company that offers a server specifically designed for WordPress. Let’s discuss first, what is hosting and its importance?

Hosting Service

A service that helps to store your all web files on a server that can be shared or dedicated. Here are some features of those servers:

  1. Web hosting or servers are similar to renting space for your business.
  2. You can get a shared IP / IP address dedicated to your plan and log in and place your blog files.
  3. Depending on your needs, you have to pay from ~ $ 5 / month to ~ $ 150 / month.

In hosting provision there are very big names in local and international market. The company offers various packages for users as needed. With the vision and progress of your website in mind, you can choose the right hosting package. Below are some details about the different types of hosting types.

  1. Web or Shared Hosting

    • Provide cPanel that is easy to use
    • unlimited domains can attach
    • Unmeasured bandwidth
    • 99% uptime
    • Web hosting shared its resources with other websites too like CPU power
  1. Managed/Dedicated WordPress Hosting

  • Standard hosting plan provides all of the features mentioned above
  • Provide free migration for your website if you want to switch
  • Enhanced speed, support, and security associated with WordPress only
  • + Tips and tricks related to WordPress

There are other options, but these two options are pretty good at the first level and do not cost much. So, go with this for your first WordPress blog later you can upgrade it.


Step-3 – Name Server Changing

In third step you have to link your domain’s server name with the hosting company so that it could connect.

  • Go to my account section where you bought domain
  • Click on admin button
  • Now click on gear button and choose DNS Manager.
  • If you have purchased the hosting package from xyz, change the Name Server as.
  • Confirm the Name Server (NS) in the cPanel account of the hosting service.

Step-4 – Add your Domain to cPanel

Please follow the steps below.

  • Log in to cPanel.
  • Click Add Domain.
  • Enter the information, and press Add Domain button again.

Step-5 WordPress Installation

In 5th step you just have to search WordPress in cPanel then select the domain and follow the WordPress installation steps.

Step-6 – Do login and start your blog

Once WordPress is successfully installed, simply follow these steps for first blog post.

  • Do login with admin panel as: Replace xyz with your domain name
  • Click the post from left sidebar.
  • Write your first post and publish it

And here you have settled all the things. Congratulations, Your first WordPress blog is published now.

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