SiteGround Reseller Hosting Review with plan comparison 2022

This article will give indepth information about  SiteGround reseller hosting with comparison with best reseller hosting companies in India. We compared all reseller hosting plans of SiteGround with other companies to help you to find the best reseller hosting in India.

SiteGround hosting offers customers’ unlimited web hosting options coupled with excellent customer support, 99.9% uptime, and bulletproof security.

Site Ground Reseller hosting Review 2022

SiteGround is offering their remarkable reseller hosting  for more than a decade. The Company has gained a reputation in web hosting, defined new heights and outperformed nearly all other competitors in the industry. SiteGround creates a hosting environment to help businesses run their online presence smoothly. 

SiteGround Reseller Hosting Plans

Let’s now explore the plans in details which are offered by SiteGround. This will give you more information about SiteGround reseller hosting plans and price.

  • GrowBig

This $6.69/mo plan will offer you ability to host an unlimited websites along with 20 GB Web Space, Free WP Installation, WordPress Auto updates andFree WP Migrator plugin. There is a feature of daily & on-demand backups with this plan. This SiteGround Reseller Hosting Plan includes Free SSLs, Free CDN, Free Email along with enhanced Security This hosting is Ecommerce Enabled. You get WP-CLI and SSH, Out-of-the-box Caching, Unlimited Databases and Easy Staging

  • GoGeek

Company is offering GoGeek plan in $10.69 per Month.  This is Unlimited Websites reseller plan with 40 GB Web Space, Free WP Installation and WordPress Auto updates. Company is offering Free WP Migrator plugin along with Daily & on-demand backups.

You will get Free SSLs, Free CDN, Free Email & Enhanced Security. Ecommerce Enabled plans also offering WP-CLI and SSH, Out-of-the-box Caching as well as Unlimited Databases.

This plan comes with Easy Staging and Collaborators Additionally, SiteGround is offering White-label Clients, Free Private DNS and Priority Support with this plan.

SiteGround Cloud reseller hosting plan

This plan is also offering you an Unlimited Websites. SiteGround gives 40+ GB Web Space, Free WP Installation and WordPress Autoupdates. Plan have a Free WP Migrator plugin. Daily & on-demand backups are available.

You get Free SSLs, Free CDN and Free Email. Enhanced security is assuered in this plan. Plan comes with Ecommerce enabled feature. WP-CLI and SSH given in this reseller hosting plan.

Out-of-the-box Caching, Unlimited Databases, Easy Staging and Collaborators are some other features which come in this plan. You can allot White-label Clients if you use this plan to resale the hosting. Free Private DNS, Priority Support are extra perks you receive with plan. You can customize client’s access and tailor site’s resources if you use this reseller hosting. After knowing the SiteGround Reseller hosting price, we will move towards next part.

SiteGround customer service review

SiteGround offers very well mannered support to customers. The company has made knowledge base that answer the every FAQ by customers. There are tutorials to help customers. Company writes about the latest developments and changes in the hosting environment.

Well crafted knowledge base helps customers to navigate the system and solve any problems. SiteGround’s 24/7 support system is well equipped with  live chats, phone support, and ticketing

Customer support is vital in delivering good service to the customers and SiteGround is staying ahead in this factor.

Lets Compare SiteGround Reseller hosting plans with other hosting companies in India.

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eWebGuru Reseller hosting Vs SiteGround

We saw SiteGround’s reseller plans above. Now we will compare it with reputed brand eWebGuru.

Uptime: Both Companies are well known to offer great uptime around 99.90%.

Experience: SiteGround host 2800000 domains which are mostly private sites and blogs. On other hand eWebGuru have around 20000 customers who are development agencies and other corporate firms who use heavy hosting services such as reseller hosting, VPS, Bare metal servers. So we can say eWebGuru hold deep experience in reseller hosting server management.

Customer Service: Both companies are well known for customer service and tech support.

UnLimited Resources: eWebGuru gives Unlimited domain limit, subdomain limit, and unlimited FTP accounts. On other hands SiteGround gives Free SSLs. 

eWebGuru offer cloud dedicated server, barer metal server, GPU server. Today 50000+ websites are hosting by eWebGuru. After recent cPanel price change, company has launched new Reseller hosting plans Lets take a deep look at new plans.

eWebGuru Reseller hosting plans

Plan 1: CPANEL 5

This plan includes 20GB Web Space, 1000GB Bandwidth and 5 cpanel Accounts. WHM is included in this plan. eWebguru kept Unlimited Domain Limit, Unlimited Subdomain and Unlimited FTP Accounts in this plan. You need to pay Rs 8000 per year for this reseller hosting plan.

Plan 2 CPANEL 10

In this plan eWebGuru is offering 50GB Web Space with 2000GB Bandwidth. You get 10 cPanel Account as well as WHM. There is no limit on domain parking. You can get Unlimited Subdomain & Unlimited FTP Accounts. Reseller hosting price  is 15000 Rs per year.

Plan 3: CPANEL 25

This reseller hosting plan includes 75GB Web Space. You get a 5000GB Bandwidth in this plan.  There are 25 cPanel Account and WHM included in a plan. You receive Unlimited Domain Limit, Unlimited Subdomain and Unlimited FTP Accounts in a plan. You need to pay rs 20000 per year to get this eWebGuru reseller hosting plan.

Plan 4: CPANEL 50

This cpanel reseller hosting includes 75GB Web Space, Unlimited Bandwidth and 50 cPanel accounts. WHM is included along with Unlimited Domain Limit, Unlimited Subdomain and Unlimited FTP accounts You pay Rs 35000 per year for this plan.

You are saving around 50% money on each plan after this new price structure has been introduced by eWebGuru. eWebGuru always bring well crafted plans to cater the need and demand of users with the most attractive price in market.


HostGator Reseller Hosting Vs SiteGround

The company was founded in a dorm room at Florida Atlantic University in 2002 but has since moved its headquarters to Austin and Houston, Texas.

Since its humble beginnings, HostGator has grown to become a global player in the web hosting arena by offering shared hosting, Virtual Private Servers (VPS), and dedicated hosting plans.

There are three plans of HostGator. They are Aluminum, copper and silver. Let’s discuss about plans. First plan is Aluminum. You can get this plan in $19.95/mo. In this plan you can get 60 GB Disk space. Company also provide 600GB Bandwidth. You can get unlimited websites in this plan. Company also provide you free SSL certificate. Company also offer WHM & Cpanels. You can also get WHMCS Cilent Manegement/ Billing Software.

Now let’s see second plan. It’s name is copper. You can get this plan in $24.95/Mo. In this plan company offer 90 GB Disk space and 900 GB Bandwidth.  In this plan you also can get unlimited websites and free SSL Certificate. You also can get  WHM and Cpanels. In this plan company also provide you WHMC Cilent Manegement/ Billing Software.

Third plan is Silver. You can get this plan in $24.95/mo. Customer also can enjoy 140 GB Disk Space and 1400 GB Bandwidth. Users also can get free SSL certificate and unlimited Bandwidth. You also can enjoy WHM and Cpanels and WHMC Cilent management/ Billing Software.

In this article we saw Reseller hosting Review and few companies Reseller hosting comparisons. Hope this article will help you to decide best reseller hosting company.

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