Top 5 SSL certificate providers in India

SSL certificates are immensely valuable to keep your data secure, prevent hacking and many others. In recent times, SSL certificate providers have stepped into India to render their services to Indian users. Now, there is no need to buy an SSL certificate in dollars. As it is comparatively new in the market, many users may get perplexed choosing the right one.

Here’s a guide to where you can choose the perfect SSL certificate providers in India.


For experiencing exceptional services on purchasing certificates, the  SSL store tops the chart. It is the best SSL certificate provider in the world, which is now in India. They are among the limited SSL providers who are platinum partners with leaders like Symantec, Certum, and Comodo.

They also have a myriad of payment options in various Indian languages like English, Hindi, Telugu and more.


Trusted SSL Reseller

Since its beginning, they are the most trusted and reliable SSL reseller in the SSL industry.  Having a competent team, with competitive pricing and years of experience, they stand out from the crowd.

 30- Day Money Back Guarantee is also available.

24×7 Support

They are available anytime to help you. They have multiple options which include live chat,  Phone call, email, and tickets to get into contact with them.

The SSL Store has been successfully serving the US customers and now they have placed themselves in the Indian market, to serve the Indian clients.


get SSL by iWebz can be counted among the top 5 SSL certificate providers in India. It is India’s first website from 2017 that emphasizes security and offers services at a very reasonable price.


  • Hassle-free purchase

They provide and ensure a hassle-free purchase. When you decide to purchase a certificate, many steps and processes are involved. There are various technical steps as well as manual steps to complete the process. Everything is done smoothly and quickly.

  • They offer the most looked after Website Security services.

They offer popular brands at a cheap price. All types of domains ranging from a single domain to multi-domain certificates from leading brands like Sectigo, and DigiCert are available.

  • Boost Website Confidence

By leveraging their services, you can increase sales considerably. By using some lines of code, site owners can portray badges, verified reviews, shopper identity protection and more. These can accentuate conversion rates.

  • Website Protection

In case your website breaks and you need to restore it immediately, you can rely on CodeGuard’s automatic site backup service and continue doing your job.

  • Happy customers

Since its inception in 2017, customers are happy with its automated system. The customers have benefited from it and have profited from using it.

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If you are looking for the cheapest SSL Certificate in the Indian market, then CheapSSL, certainly tops the list.

They aims to offer its services at the lowest price to its customers since 2013. It is completely reliable and genuine.

Company also strives to make people aware of the need to secure the privacy of sensitive and confidential information. They intend to revolutionize the world of the internet with HTTPS at a minimal cost.


Remedy for every SSL need and problems

  • They provide the Domain Validated SSL for securing a domain.
  • They have Organisation Validated SSL to protect an organization or business.
  • Similarly, they have Wildcard SSL Certificates and Code signing Certificates to secure various sub-domains and the code or scripts of Software.

Instant Issuance

They provide quick issuance, soon after purchasing an SSL Certificate.

  • They take a minute to issue the DV SSL issuance.
  • For OV and EV SSL issuance only 1- 5 days are required.
  • The Code Signing certificate issuance requires 3 days.

Dedicated experts to help you

  • They have a team of experts who takes little time to solve the customer’s query.
  • They are working on Email tickets 24×7 and Social media to reach their customers.

Highly recognized by customers

CheapSSL security has collaborated with leading SSL Certificate brands, namely Comodo, GeoTrust, RapidSSL and others.


Comodo SSL store is well known for its competitive pricing throughout the world. If you want to purchase an SSL certificate at a cheaper price, then you should visit Comodo’s official website, which provides you with a ‘price match guarantee.


They are always at your service through various mediums.

  • Strong customer base.
  • They sell only Comodo SSL Certificates.
  • 30-day money-back policy.

List of Some SSL Certificates from Comodo SSL store India.

  • For a single domain, Comodo Positive SSL, Comodo Instant SSL certificate, and Comodo Positive SSL EV are available.
  • For multiple domains, Comodo Positive SSL Multi domain can be procured.


Rapid SSL online has been in the market since 2007, and has been successfully serving its customers happily at a cheap price and also ensuring a glitch-free service.


  • It offers various types of SSL certificates of different prices and features including features of many well-known certificate companies like Thawte, DigiCert and more.
  • Their SSL certificate is acknowledged by globally recognized web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome.
  • Other benefits include speedy issuance of certificates, a 30-day refund guarantee, and proper guidance on every problem.
  • SSL certificates are provided at reasonable rates.
  • Certificates are available on various domains like single domains, multiple domains, unlimited sub-domains, multiple domains, etc.


EwebGuru is another trust worthy name in issuing SSL certificates.

The advantages of EwebGuru are:

  • They issue the certificates speedily.
  • They provide security round the clock.
  • They have robust encryption.
  • The address bar is visible to the audience.
  • Enhanced SEO.

There are numerous SSL certificate providers in India and around the globe. Among them, these are the best. They are reliable and offer various services to their users, at a competitive price.

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