Virtual Private Server (VPS) is becoming increasingly popular due to its flexibility, performance and price. In comparison to shared hosting it is more secure but it is based on a shared server.

Linux VPS server has robust traffic handling, it is easy to use, no maintenance needed and has high speed.


With EWebGuru, you can get hassle free, fast and efficiently managed VPS Plans. 

Reasons for Choosing EWebGuru’s VPS Hosting.

Unlimited Domains

EWeb Guru provides unlimited domains, for which there is no need to purchase individual plans for each site. Only one VPS can run all the sites.

Infinite Database

Multiple databases can be created for multiple sites. A separate database makes a site run smoothly and much faster.

Vast Subdomains

There is an option to create multiple subdomains. If you want to put on some extra features or make the site multilingual, then you can form subdomains.

Guaranteed Uptime

EWeb Guru is equipped with advanced infrastructure. The company has competent technicians who work to keep the servers run efficiently and also take care of it.

Fast Activation

Services are activated instantly soon after choosing a plan. There is no need to wait for activation and ruin your peace.

Private server

A private server is very beneficial and it makes many operations easier. This feature is present in all VPS hosting plans of eWebGuru.

VPS Hosting plans

  • Coral VPS
  • Pearl VPS
  • Mighty VPS
  • Mightier VPS


Hello, 2 Hosting is a Gurgaon-based hosting provider that has expanded its service throughout India. Company aim to render world-class hosting services which include VPS hosting, cloud hosting, Reseller, Shared hosting and more. 

They intend to serve their customers the services at a cheap price and also emphasize a hassle-free and smooth journey.The have a wide array of hosting packages which are based on Linux and Windows systems.

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About VPS Hosting in Hello 2 Hosting

Hello 2 Hosting offers a virtually dedicated hosting environment. Every virtual server embodies disk space, IP addresses, personal RAM and CPU. 

Let’s find out the hosting services they furnish:

  • Linux VPS Hosting

It is affordable, flexible and has multiple tenancy options. With Linux VPS Hosting, users can operate their applications and also test them accordingly.

  • Windows VPS Hosting

Windows VPS Hosting is apt for companies having intricate applications and also for websites with heavy traffic. It encompasses various advantages it as high flexibility, scalability, and high uptime and is protected from hackers.

In addition to these two VPS hosting, they also provide dedicated server hosting, e-commerce hosting and cloud hosting.


Hosting India is also one of the best hosting service providers in Gurgaon. 

The VPS hosting features of hosting India are as follows:

They offer both dominant and simple and easy-to-use VPS by using Open Source technology like OpenStack and KVM.

  • VPS with Cloud Power

With the help of their organized virtual private servers, you can enjoy and utilize the power of a dedicated server and also use the flexibility of cloud hosting.

  • Protected environment

Every VPS server works independently from other tenants. Also, server security can be secured through cPanel.

  • Instant Installation

They provide quick provisioning of putting up your server while others take hours or days setting it.

  • Highly Stable

By utilizing CEPH based storage system, you can be assured of stability and reliability on Reseller Club Cloud Hosting.

Other features include:

It has 4 times more speed which ensures faster loading of the website.

It provides 24×7 customer support.

 99.9% Uptime.


  • Cloud Linux VPS

Cloud Linux VPS is available at just Rs.900 monthly. With this plan, you can get professional support along with high performance.

  • VPS UL5

It is available at Rs.900 / month. 

  • VPS UL 6

At Rs. 1340, this plan can be availed. You can buy and renew the plans at the  same cost.


Virtual Private Server at Get Set Live has some features which make it unique from its contemporaries. The features are:

They offer both managed and unmanaged VPS.

They provide 99.9% uptime.

They have the advantage of backups with uptime and also performance monitoring.

Self Managed VPS hosting at getting Set Live

If you are searching for a server where you can have total control over your hosting environment, the Self-Managed VPS hosting of Set Live is a perfect choice. Here total access with SSH keys and also a command line for flexibility and power is granted. Also, an elaborate spectrum of high-performance options is available with server configuration.

The Self-Managed VPS Hosting Plan includes:

Advanced Storage facility

Addon cPanel, which can organize all your websites with a contemporary cPanel Control Panel.

They have the advantage of an Unlimited MySQL Database.

They are equipped with World Class Infrastructure with stable power and HVAC.

They provide strong protection to prevent any spam.

All VPS plans are packed with a Web Application Firewall and an SSL certificate complimentary.


Ambition Host is also a reliable name in VPS and has been serving its users for the past 4 years. In these years they have achieved thousands of clients who are content with their service. They are constantly working to improve their standards to serve their clients in a better way.

The Benefits of using VPS Hosting with Ambition Host.

They provide a simple and easy process for hosting websites by using cPanel.

They furnish Litespeed Web Server, with which high performance along with high scalability can be obtained.

They help to manage your pocket. They have the provision of paying only what you need and when you need it.

VPS Hosting Plans at Ambition Host


Silver Plan is available at Rs. 1599 per month.


Gold Plan comes with Rs. 2,499 monthly.


Diamond Plan Costs Rs. 3,499 / month.

The service providers are not confined to providing VPS only, they also provide shared hosting, Cloud Hosting, Domain Registration and many more.

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