Which hosting is best for WordPress Linux or Windows?

Wondering which one of them (Windows or Linux) is the best choice for your WordPress site? Whether you’re new to creating a blog or migrating from one server to another, it’s important to choose the right hosting.

It is important to understand the hosting selection criteria. The first and perhaps most important thing to consider when choosing hosting is after your budget and need.

Are you going to depend on on MS SQL, .NET, ASP server for your website functioning?

If the answer is yes, we recommend Windows hosting. All of these needs are met by Windows hosting. Linux hosting does not address these issues.

Honestly, this is the only reason to choose Windows hosting.

As far as Linux is concerned, it can provide a clear reason to keep Linux hosting going. Let’s discuss why Linux is good choice than Window.

Why you should go for Linux hosting?

As I mentioned earlier, it is important to understand the hosting needs to understand it properly. Let’s look at when and why you choose Linux hosting.

Most of you have come to see “WordPress” in the title. So it’s obvious that you want to get the right hosting for your WordPress blog.

Here is a list of your needs:

  • WordPress
  • MySQL, etc.
  • PHP

And all this is possible with Linux hosting. PHP and MySQL can run on Windows servers, but the diagrams are completely different. It will not be as smooth as a Linux server.

Linux is 20% faster than Window

If you want to start selling on your blog, you can also install plugins / shopping cart software on sites that work well with Linux hosting. If you are having problems with your web server and need a tutorial on server configuration, most tutorials are very useful if you are on Linux hosting.


Let me make another interesting comparison between these two. Linux hosting is cheaper than Windows. Speaking of shared hosting, Windows costs 30% more than Linux. If you want to host only Windows-based servers, you will have to pay 10 to $ 100 more per month than Linux hosting costs.


I am not saying that Linux cannot be hacked, but Linux hacking is quite tough as compare to Windows. It is obvious that window hosting have more security threats and hackers feel easy to penetrate in window hosting. So we can say that Linux is much safer than Window. I have tried to cover all the essential things for beginners to determine what to choose hosting type for their WordPress website.

Bottom Line

I am not biased, but if I say that Linux is your best choice for your WordPress site, I speak it as a personal experience and on facts bases. I’ve seen many aspects of Windows, from Linux to costs, applications, and security. You can now review your hosting needs and make your own decisions which is the best option for you, and go accordingly.

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