What is VPS hosting used for?

Virtual Private Server which is famous as VPS has multiple usages. Most people used it for only their website hosting and think that it is the only purpose of VPS. As you start your journey to understand the science of VPS its importance and benefits will reveal on you. First, we will discuss it etymology and then will discuss its different applications.

VPS word is the combination of three letters where V stands for Virtual, P stands for private and S means Server.

  • Virtual means a thing that exists but you can’t locate it physically that here it exists.
  • Private means that it is owned by you and can only be controlled by you.
  • A Server means a computer that processes code and has RAM and CPUs connected to the Internet 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

So I think the picture of the VPS is clear now. Let’s move on to using VPS. It is shocking to know the possibility of using this server. Here is the detail of few usages:

Website Hosting

The first and the most popular usage of VPS is the hosting facility for your website and application. This is the most commonly used method in VPS. To run a website online, after buying the domain, hosting is the second most important step. Without a hosting platform, your online visitor can’t access your website. Among different type of hosting, VPS is the most popular one which gives a feeling of a dedicated server in the price of shared hosting.


This is the second most common practice of VPS. We have heard many times about VPN and even used it but few people know that it works because of VPS. A VPN is an abbreviation for a virtual private network and is primarily used for anonymity and online privacy. Once you know how to set up a VPN on your VPS, you can use it right away.

VPS as a Regular Computer

Yes, you can use it as a computer it will be quite surprising for many people that how we can use our VPS as a computer. You just need to configure RDP and then can use it as a new computer. Suppose your VPS has 8 GB of RAM and two vCPUs. You just configure RDP on this SMV to connect to the server and start to enjoy it as a regular computer.

VPS is your Money Making Machine

You can convert your VPS as a money making machine. As VPS has more power than your regular computer, so you just need to set up a master node that earns money with cryptocurrency.

VPS is best for Downloading

Use as a cache to download and upload huge files from the Internet. Use as cache, indeed, VPS is a secure and very fast Internet connection. So, when you need to download big files, download them from VPS instead of your local computer.

Bottom Line

These marvellous features enhance the significance of VPS. The reason to explore VPS multiple usages is to broaden the mind and to realize the importance of VPS. Now, you can use it according to your own need. It was a little effort to add some value to your VPS hosting knowledge.

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