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What is the difference between Windows and Linux web hosting?

It will be an overwhelming task if you choose to compare web hosting on your hand. Comparing features of various hosting types aren’t that much easy as many think. To compare those features, you need to be more prolific on those features. Especially, on choosing an operating system of the hosting server on VPS or dedicated hosting server. People often confuse on picking either Windows or Linux hosting solutions for their hosting server.

Here in this article we have compared both Windows and Linux and illustrate which one is best.

Windows Hosting Vs Linux Hosting

What is the difference between Windows and Linux web hosting? 1
Windows Hosting

Over the years, Linux Vs Windows has been in the debate on finding which one is best. Well, before stepping in-depth, you need to understand that Operating System (OS) on a host server will have a significant impact on the way your interaction happens with the hosting server.

If you are opting for the normal hosting solution for your sites, then you may not notice any difference. However, if it is in the case of VPS (Virtual Private Server) or Dedicated Hosting Server the probabilities of spotting the differences are high among these Operating Systems.

Why Server Operating System Is Important?

Well, we all know Operating System is an inevitable one that every computer needs, the host server is not an exception. Also, it plays a vital role as an interacting medium between you and the host server. Though it is possible to have full interaction with the hosting server without knowing on what OS the server is running. By the way, it is possible because through your content management system and hosting applications like DirectAdmin and Plesk you are going to interact with your host server.

But still, knowing what the operating system on which your host server running will give you a few advantages and those are listed below.

  • It helps you to choose applications compatible for specific OS for your host server
  • Developers would feel more comfortable knowing the host server OS so that they can avail advantages of handling customization options well.
  • Both Windows and Linux OS have different behavior leaving you to customize your application accordingly.

Comparison between Linux Vs Windows web Hosting 

In general, when it comes to the choice of picking either Linux OS based hosting server or Windows OS based server many will surely go for the Linux OS by pointing some basic reasons like stability, security, and so.

However, modern technologies have overcome those flaws and advantages of both Linux and Windows hosting types. Yes! You heard it right, with proper maintenance and supreme firewall protection, India’s most trusted Webhost Service provider eWebGuru successfully manages to provide stability and security under Windows web hosting matching with the range of Linux web hosting.

Take a look over the pros and cons of each Operating System in the upcoming section.

1. Windows Web Hosting:

Well, there no need for an introduction for windows OS. It is one of the popular and widely used OS among the systems worldwide. Here are the few advantages you can avail by opting windows OS.

  • Easy Set-Up: Installing Windows Operating System is easier when compared with all other existing OS.
  • Easiness of .NET framework: The .NET framework is highly preferred by the developers to develop web applications. With Windows OS it can be done easily.
  • HOT Applications: Ms. SQL, ASP, .NET, Silverlight, PHP, and so.

2. Linux Web Hosting: 

Unlike Windows, Linux is an open-source language that gives the real upper hand for the developers to customize the operating system according to their needs. In addition to that, here are the few factors that made the Linux Operating System ahead of Windows OS.

  • Stability: Because of being an open-source medium Linux can be utilized in any environment by the prolific developers. Apart from just adaption, it offers content development depending upon the developer’s ability.
  • Security: The open-source nature of the Linux OS the extra security because developers have the real upper hand to place all those security features as they like.
  • Cost-Effective: Unlike windows, users don’t need to pay and fee for gaining a license. Owing to this, host providers will charge low for their Linux hosting plans when compared with windows hosting plans. 
  • HOT Applications: SSI, Perl, .htaccess, Apache Web Server, phpMyAdmin, Flash, and so. 

Final Verdict

Both Windows and Linux Operating System offer similar proficiency and choosing a server operating system must be upon the technologies that your site relies on. If you are opting for the CMS based blog opting Linux web hosting would be the best. At the same, if your site requires Microsoft technologies like Ms. Access, MySQL, and so, then it’s better to go for Windows Web Hosting.

However, the real difference between the Linux and Windows OS servers depends upon the server setup and administrative controls of the server set by the host service providers. eWebGuru offers a supreme hosting solution under all hosting types for affordable prices without compromising any hosting features. Approaching such host providers will increase your site performances irrespective of the hosting platform.

web hosting

Which domain and web hosting services are known for the best customer support?

To make access to websites all over the Internet by web hosting which means they keep all the webpages of the server under the hosted site and take care of all the issues on setup and technical sides, and also provide a very high-speed connection to the Internet. All site webpages are hosted on a Web server, which is connected and act as an Internet backbone. The maintenance of a server and setup of a website hosting are avoided by most of them due to high costs involved for setup, typically runs a couple of thousand dollars a month for high-speed connection alone.

Process of a Web Hosting Provider

The organizations and individuals to post their website or web page onto the Internet by a service called the web hosting. A web hosting service provider or a host is a business that provides the technologies and services needed for the website or webpage to be viewed on the Internet for users. The process of hosting a website is stored and it can reside on special computers called servers. When searching users want to access or view your website means they need to type your website address or domain name into their default browser. Their computer IP address will connect to your hosted server and display your webpages that will be delivered to them through their browser. Most of the present-day hosting professionals require that they only own their domain in order to host with them, but some of them do not want a domain, the hosting companies help you to purchase one.

Online Business Benefit From a Web Hosting Service

To publish your business website on the internet requires a web hosting service, a web host gives business owners not only web hosting services to gain many customers online. Usually, the web hosting firms typically employ home in technicians to make sure their client websites are running 24/7 and whenever the user needs any help website owners are always there for you to solve troubleshooting like script debuting, email not able to send or receive, renewal of domain name, and more, the homely web host’s are only for to support the go-to people. To ensure a hassle-free experience for business owners, a professional web hosting service is needed to achieve their effort on their business and to efficiently focus their time of work.

Types of Web Hosting Services

Which domain and web hosting services are known for the best customer support? 2

There are many types of web hosting services available to host your website on the internet but before hosting your website you have to decide what kind of service your website and your needs for business under your budget, and observe what type of services the web host offers.

Web Hosting options available are:

  • VPS Hosting
  • Shared Hosting
  • Dedicated Server Hosting
  • Collocated Hosting
  • cloud server

Best Customer Support web Hosting Providers

There are many web hosts are available to provide domains & web hosting to professionals who want to make a website as a free website hosting is a free non-paid web hosting service. The Blogger and Word press are more popular free web hosts websites to make your website hosted as free and after automatically your website gets username in the form of yoursite.blogspot.com and your site wordpress.com alike. Buying a website with a domain name that does not include any of your external site’s name, if you want means you get that web hosting which is usually a paid service. eWebGuru is one of the best domain & web hosting provider in India.   

Benefits of Using Hosting

The hosting plan can offer your site a lot but without the proper web host, run your business on taking risk of having a site that loads slowly and ruins your chances of ranking, many more. Choosing a high-quality host plan can help you to avoid such issues. There are many reasons that hosting is important to have achieved high-quality, reliable, and professional. 

❖        Improved Site Performance

❖        Outstanding Technical Support

❖        Domain-Associated Email Address

❖        Improved Website Security

❖        High Reliability and Uptime

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Is it possible to host multiple Python web sites on a single Dedicated server or VPS hosting?

Yes! You can do host multiple Python powered web sites on a single dedicated server hosting or a single VPS hosting. However, you should be very cautious in picking the right web hosting service provider because many Web Hosting company does not offer such a service. Before getting in-depth on why hosting companies not offer Python service, let talk about what Python does.

What is Python?

Well, many might aware that Python is an object-oriented programming language but not aware that it is a mixed programming paradigm. Python is the best option for programmers who like to mix an object-oriented approach with structured programming languages.

Unlike other programming languages, Python codes are so simple and easy to understand by all. Inexperienced programmers can be prolific in handling Python programming codes at ease. Also, the functional features of the programming language Python can be extended by using various add-on functions, which are highly used in C or C++ programming languages.

When compared with other programming languages, the Object-Oriented Programming Language Python is easy to learn and its cross-platform ability makes it a more favorable programming language for the developers.

 VPS hosting

Famous Websites Built Using Python

In today’s internet, you can easily spot tens of thousands of Python powered websites. Python is considered as the powerful programming language for both beginners and as well among the seasoned developers.

Even today, many popular businesses considered Python as their favorite programming language for their official website’s back-end process. Here are the list of few popular websites utilizes the benefits of Python even today.

  1. Instagram
  2. Google
  3. Spotify
  4. Netflix
  5. Uber
  6. Dropbox
  7. Pinterest
  8. Instacart
  9. Reddit
  10. Lyft

Apart from that Python plays a vital role in websites like YouTube, Google, NASA, and CERN. This information listed above clearly tells you the establishment of the programming language Python Worldwide.

Python in Web Hosting

Site owners can get a lot of options when it comes to picking Python hosting. Besides, Python hosting requires a significant level of care to have non-messy hosting. While picking a Python hosting, site owners or webmasters need to be more careful about picking the right plans, especially in case of selecting long-term hosting plans.

The reason why we are mentioning this here is, the programming language Python has a history of reputation with the complaint of being ‘slow’. However, there are various tutorials, book and online classes can be effective to make it quickly. Apart from slowness, Python language is so good. It is ideal for VPS hosting web apps and more.  

VPS hosting for python?

The reason for Python being so good for web development is mainly for the easiness of creating codes and having a lot of built-in support for HTTP & SQL database integrations. Besides, it can be used in building advanced and sophisticated applications.

Python Features and its Functions

  • Clean Programming Syntax – Owing to that beginners and seasoned programmers feel ease to learn Python and to write codes.
  • Cross-Platform Functioning – Because of that, Python empowered applications can run in various server operating system
  • Python has a lot of Support – As a reason, big companies like YouTube, Google, NASA, CERN, and so uses Python
  • Lots of Frameworks Options – Because of frameworks, developers feel easy to develop web applications

Why Some Web Hosting Service Provider Don’t Offer Python?

You can find many host providers do not offer Python on their hosting plans, especially those who offer shared hosting options for hosting client’s websites. Also, few hosting providers do support Python but limit its usages for specific situations.

The reason behind this, usage of Python can slow down the entire host server. Yes! You read it right, inexperienced programmers who develop ineffective Python app can significantly slow down the entire host server. In addition, malicious programs created in Python can affect a shared environment easily. In the case of a dedicated server and VPS hosting, Python requires regular maintenance since the chances of getting trouble is high.

Bottom Line

Although Python has a lot of benefits when it comes to web development it’s up to the programmer to use it wisely to create effective applications else it will affect the entire host server. Owing to that, many hosting companies do not support Python, particularly those who offer shared hosting.

Dedicated server

Is it possible to host a single website on multiple dedicated servers hosting for sharing storage and RAM?

Well, in the recent past, the hosting industry facing many innovative changes to grab the attention of site owners and webmasters. Among such innovative methodologies, hosting a single website in multiple dedicated servers is the latest trend spreading among the business site owners especially those who own eCommerce websites.

Is it Possible to Host a Single Website in Multiple Dedicated Servers?

Well, this might be a million-dollar question for many business website owners. In the technical aspect, the answer would YES! However, it requires a significant modification in the servers.

If you are seeking direct answers for hosting a single website in multiple dedicated servers, then the answer would be Yes! It is possible. Nevertheless, it requires load balancing or cache infrastructure at the servers.

Here in this article, we are going to discuss the possibilities of hosting a single website on multiple dedicated servers.

What is Load Balancing?

It is a unique technique used by the host server admin to distribute the workloads uniformly across multiple servers so that the hosting server might get achieve network efficiency, reliability, and capacity.

In general, this load balancing technology can be done either by physical or in a virtual manner. To be frank, a physical or virtual manner of implementing load-balancing technology will determine based upon what the client can get best from the pool of servers.

Why Load Balancing Technology?

As discussed earlier, load balancing is the process of distributing workloads across multiple nodes/servers. Here are the few strong reasons that elaborate on the necessity of implementing load-balancing technology in your web hosting.

  • Load balancing technology intelligently distributes the website traffic to a single IP across multiple host servers. A load balancer carried by using various protocols.
  • Load balancing is the most effective solution for keeping a website to perform better; even it receives a heavy amount of traffic.
  • It also reduces the site down timing because of server disk fails. Since, load balancing offers multiple server disks, site data stored in more than one disk at a time.
  • The load balancer maximizes the network capacity and improves site performance. Owing to that that, a site might gain popularity among the potential users.  

When to use Load Balancing?

In today’s modern hosting industry, a load balancing technology is typically used for handling the heavy HTTP traffic of a single website with the aid of multiple servers connected as a web front-end. Here are the two most common situations where you supposed to use load balancing on your host server.

  1. Reduce the Server Failover and Server Redundancy: Well, if you are experiencing frequent disks failure on your host server, then it is time to make use of the load balancing technology. The load balancer manages your site data on multiple nodes to balance heavy traffic if any hardware/software failure occurs on one node means it will automatically redistribute the connection to other working nodes.
  2. Load Distribution: If your site gains popularity and starts growing tremendously then you must think of shifting your web hosting option or on the introduction of load balancing on your host server. To be frank, if site growth goes beyond the server configuration means it will increase the site downtime.

How to Implement Load Balancing?

A Load balancer can be implemented in 3 different ways, all those ways are described briefly in the below section.

1. Using DNS Round Robin Method

By adding two more ‘A’ records in DNS and pointing the same domain with the various IP addresses, you can able to implement the Load Balancing technology on your host server. The entire process would be carried based on the round-robin method.  

2. Using HA Proxy or Nginx

In this method, load balancer checks the most available server from your multiple dedicated servers and picks the one. Under this method, the load balancer will ignore the server, which is down, and you can configure it to avoid pinging the server, which is busy.

3. Using Cloudflare

Well, this one works by utilizing the cache of your site files depending upon types of the server and the cache preferences this method works fine. Moreover, it comes with a free package. If you avail it for the paid package, it even works better.

Pay Less For More – How to Find Cheap Web Hosting that Doesn’t Suck! 3

Pay Less For More – How to Find Cheap Web Hosting that Doesn’t Suck!

Over the years hosting prices have changed to great extent. Today’s scenario is different than what was in the year 2000 and thereafter. Cost graph to host a website has taken a southward graph in recent years. The number of hosting services has increased several folds too. But the biggest question is how to find cheap web hosting from the crowd. How to pay less for more should be the focus consideration while choosing the right provider. Below are some proven guidelines to follow:

Choose wisely

It is strictly suggested not to change hosting provider frequently. It will be a burden and to cost you more too. Even though some of the service providers offer cheapest rates, but do know that purchasing domain costs lest on an existing account.

Have room to spare

Do know that digital space is unpredictable. Prepare yourself for the worst scenario. Don’t get overboard. Have enough leeway for the allotted bandwidth. A research reveals there are 7 percent decrease in eCommerce conversions with a single second delay in page response. So, better uptime is needed from hosting provider and you don’t lose your potential leads. Downtime impacts overall traffic and abreast of it to cost you some lost sales. Apart from all these, your website will get bad impression on search engine rankings.

Website security

According to a report about 30,000 websites are hacked every day. This means protection should be given priority while choosing a hosting provider. Some service providers offer bot-operated security checks while several other comes with DDoS protection feature. There are many with their own kind of security measures. Here you need to also consider getting a spare backup of all the website data. Check out what is the backup duration of the service provider. Usually it is weekly and some also take the data backups on daily basis.


Apart from all these, cheap web hosting mostly offer shared web hosting where multiple websites are hosted on a single server. However, this is the riskiest as resources can be affected and security can be compromised. Dedicated web hosting is completely different. Your website will be hosted on a single server. It is not so cheap. Virtual private server (VPS) is similar to shared hosting but more stable as your website will get dedicated computing resources.


eWebGuru is one of the best hosting providers and over the years have emerged to be the most popular too. It may not be the cheapest, but offers best value for money. Its prices are completely tailored and suits need of various website owners. It is completely secured with advanced security features and offers 99.99% uptime. It comes with money-back guarantee policy and provides more bandwidth than needed. It is a complete solution to all type of websites either it is a corporate website or ecommerce. It is 100% reliable. It is a cheap web hosting service provider that does not suck at all.